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Could 1000+ psychiatrists and psychologists be wrong in calling Trump dangerous?

He’s hazardous and unfit for office, but not because of crackpot theories

I must admit I don’t have a high opinion of most standard therapists. Yet, I have met a wonderful clinical psychologist, and a client of mine who once went to a psychiatrist and impressed me with what he reported on him.

Not a friend of Donald J. Trump either, I’m only interested in the truth.


The above movie Unfit from 2020 is now free to watch on the Internet. I will discuss the whole thing. A couple of good qualities of Trump are mentioned by a layperson (Scaramucci), but by none of the therapists.

From the start, high-ranking psychiatrists and psychologists have their ‘obvious’ label ready for him. That’s the state of their (crooked) art: what to label people. Today, this categorizing is now done so ‘well,’ that labels will stick life-long. These book-smart, street-unwise clinicians don’t get that their ‘diagnoses’ of their poor ‘patients’ stick and disrupt them from moving on. Their stereotyping became self-fulfilling prophecies. Like you say as an authority: You will never amount to anything and then follow them to see if they ever manage to escape your damning judgment.

Here, no exception. They quickly understood he ‘is’ a malignant narcissist. Problem is you need to go in the other direction. You need to see what characteristics he has, and then see if there is a helpful name for it.

Example: They say he’s a con artist and a sadist because he hurts people. And maybe he is. But they never consider alternatives. Instead of seeing what fits him, they look if he fits one of their preconceived boxes.

Because maybe it’s just a clever strategy that gives him free publicity and gives the downtrodden someone who seems superman for not caring that powerful people are upset with him, someone strong to rely on. And most people feel hopeless and powerless, and here’s someone who wants to be the Daddy they never had. That’s hard to resist when you’ve little to lose.

So, is there something wrong with him for admiring strongmen and bloody dictators and wanting to be one too? Or is it a strategy because it sells?

He seems to hold: L’État, c’est moi. That is mightily (pardon the pun) very egocentric. Many say so, but not in this movie. He turns any conversation into me, me, me. But is that a character flow, being spoiled, or strategy?

Con artists lie all day. So, they can’t trust anyone too. That’s not paranoia.

By repeating outrageous lies over and over (and the stupid press giving him the mike), he transforms fake into facts and opinions. He calls all his rivals liars, and those who like to believe him must mistrust all the rest. Who says that’s his character? Which politicians don’t manipulate and are honest? He’s just better at it. And the others are mighty jealous of that.

He’s not detached from reality. From facts yes, but not from truth. He’s not demented or confused. He is trying to spread a fake reality but doesn’t believe in it himself. Otherwise, he would not be a con artist, a liar!

He even plucked ‘problems’ out of thin air. Windmills that kill. Or, reversely, COVID is not dangerous, and Putin and Xi are my friends.

Is he cruel? It seems that attacking people on Twitter (not in person) and from a podium is his way, not only to attract attention, and publicity, and prominence but also to distract from the real issues. Making the press, politicians, and others upset stifles them about policy and capitalism.

The analysts imply they can read his feelings. This might be their biggest mistake. It is well-known bullies feign anger to intimidate, not because they are mad. A con artist can cry and, after a split-second, laugh because it’s all fake and phony. So, how can they claim to know what he feels?

He’s a phenomenal speaker. He doesn’t think about grammar. He thinks about how to say it so it communicates, in slogans. I learned some of his tactics. So smart. (Summarizing your paragraph in one or two words.) If you leave this out of the analysis, it shows you’re just out to get him.

He brags a lot, so he’s a narcissist? His followers love it, so you must ask yourself, what makes you say it’s his character rather than strategy? Reportedly, he has a tiny willy. Most men will compensate for that, But that’s not a character flaw. That’s a coping mechanism against shaming.

They call him a psychopath because he has no remorse. How do they know? They even call him a sadist since he enjoys hurting people. I understand that therapists like to help people, so, likely, they are softer than the average Joe. But maybe Trump just likes a good fight and to win. Do you call everyone who wins an Olympic medal a psychopath?

Many people report he has no empathy. Yet, sociopaths do have empathy but can switch it off. No one says that. They mean no empathy for me.

He’s widely blamed for having no loyalty. However, he only drops people who drop him. If he’s the boss, why should he be loyal to people who are disloyal to him? Roy Cohn taught him to take no prisoners. Made him rich.

Things that are obvious at first observation are ignored because they don’t fit the designated boxes. He’s very smart and fast. So, he never learned any discipline that simpler and poorer people need to get somewhere. He can’t even read a book or chew a good meal. How can you ignore this? So, whatever he does, he wings it. After two months in office, he said: ‘Who’d know this could be so complicated?’ If he fails, he’ll cover it up. He didn’t even aspire to be POTUS. He only wanted to elevate the Trump brand.

He has good willpower. His brother died of alcoholism. He doesn’t drink a drop. That’s not easy when most people laugh at you when you don’t. His eye, hands, and other body parts chase women, but only several dozens accuse him of rape. It seems he has a certain type, and the others are safe.

A con artist doesn’t care if what they say is true. Not Trump. He carefully crafts his lies and then says the opposite two days later—or doubles down. Why is that not just strategy? He has found lying in plain view, stunning people, works better than timid lies. There is no law against lying.

He has fake Man of the Year Time Magazine covers with him on it. He cheats in golf big time. He doesn’t like losers. So, why is that sick?

He’s so narcissistic that he always must have it his way. Really? But he’s a spoiled brat, like a mafia boss. He couldn’t believe it that, when he was president, people would not do as he said because of some rules. No one ever said no to him. How’s that a narcissist and not just a spoiled brat?

But, although a spoiled kid, he saw the economically desperate. His Base. The Tea Party. “My people.” “The forgotten man.” That’s not delusional. That’s very smart. As a salesman, he looked for people to buy his product (his persona) that they didn’t know they needed. He told them what they always wanted to hear: We are the smart ones. And, in a way, they are. Naïve, down-to-earth-smart, loyal, and worthy (basket of deplorables). Part of Trump’s success, of course, is a failure of the Left. How can you hope she’d win? She’s so arrogant, you see it before she opens her mouth.

He lacks any woke awareness. So, when he said “very fine people—on both sides,” he really thought he had defused the situation by saying: let’s not stereotype anyone. That’s just ignorance, not malignancy.

In fact, it seems to me that he’s too ignorant to understand White supremacy, racism, sexism, Antisemitism, or LGBTQ+ oppression. The US has deep bi-partisan nationalism vibes, and he also doesn’t have a clue about that. He insults veterans as easily as Blacks. In the dark.

He uses hatred of his supporters, hatred against the elites, foreigners, the left, etc. and repeated prejudices. When he says: ‘He’s my favorite Black person,’ he means a Black person who likes me. He has these stereotypes of all Blacks living in the inner cities, Jews being rich, etc. and doesn’t know it’s not true. That’s racist but not fascist. He doesn’t know any better.

He’s scapegoating. All problems are caused by (non-White) immigrants, not by the billionaires who rob the People poor. Is that because he’s a supremacist or because it gives him a victory at the polls? Hard to say.

You can say he let 1M USers die of COVID because he didn’t care. I don’t think so. His first goal is the ‘economy.’ That is a sign the rich are getting richer. All the rest is but a distraction. He thought an epidemic was bad for the economy, so he ignored it. (Compare follow capitalist Netanyahu who said: First we’ll save lives; then the economy will recover quickly too.)

Even if he were a dictator in the making, that doesn’t mean he has a crazy personality. Why call him mentally ill and not just a would-be dictator? It’s untrue the world was already so democratic, and now Trump threatens to overthrow it. Look at the UN condemning Israel. Most of these countries are no democracies or only in name. Most of humanity has no freedom of speech, equality for the law, voting rights, freedom of assembly, human rights, freedom of the press, human rights (LGBTQ+, feminists), etc.

More than that he could end humanity by wanting to start a nuclear war, the danger is he simply doesn’t understand the danger. He also doesn’t have the patience to sit through a lecture. The man who used his ‘genius’ to suggest to nuke a hurricane has no idea of fallout. That is dangerous.

The claim that Trump cannot think, only attacks and reacts, is baseless. Rich, coming for psychiatrists, unable for 200 years to respect patients’ thinking. They know and will think for you. Trump has plenty of thoughts. Though most of it is nonsense since he doesn’t care about learning facts.

Another obvious thing is that he can’t keep his mouth shut. From the greatest State secrets to his own strategies, it comes out in no time. Loose lips sink ships. Is that narcissism or just bragging to please his crowd?

He also can’t admit mistakes. When he mispronounces words, he lies that is an alternative way to say it. Well, who likes to say “I was wrong”?


The creator of the movie made it beautiful. Yet, he’s not a therapist, just an angry commentator. And he believed these angry therapists without understanding the shoddy job they did here. They are the fakers here. The categorizing pros only considered Trump’s downsides, not his qualities. I don’t see a thread of truth or value in them labeling ‘his character.’ It could all be smart tactics and strategies, invisible to the goody two-shoes.

In other words, don’t rely on these labels. Rather: He lies, is unreliable, seems to be paid by Putin, makes a mess everywhere he goes because he’s too lazy and undisciplined to do any good job, sets people up against each other and everyone and institution not bowing to him, including a critical press, and therefor is destructive and unfit. No need to label him.

Just in: Israel is finished with Trump and prefers Biden. High time we got it.

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