Kanyi Ndewa

Countering Hamas Anti-Semitic & Jihadist Propaganda Should Be Prioritized

The current war between Israel and Hamas terrorists has confirmed the effectiveness of propaganda as a weapon. The historicity of Israeli battlefield victory over her Arab neighbours has made them to grudgingly accept the futility of engaging in a conventional battle with the IDF. As a result, Palestinians and other Arab countries chose the path of terror as a means of destroying Israel as well as a method of forcing an Islamic worldview into the world. Palestinian irredentist aspirations and jihadist expansionary agenda were systematically merged into a solo rallying anthem.

For this insidious agenda to crystallize, there has been massive immigration of Muslims from the Middle East, Gulf region and Africa to Europe and America over the years. Infiltration of universities, parliaments, media houses and other institutions in the Western world has been a key ingredient of the strategy. Recently, European and American capitals had to contend with unprecedented orgy of pro Palestinian violent riots calling for genocide against Jews. Mosques and madrassas have been converted into shrines of war propaganda, anti-Semitism and satanization of Western civilization… Paradoxically, the Western civilization happens to be the naive host and safe haven to the Jihadists who are seeking its very extinction!

Presidents of top US universities frothed and mumbled before the Congress in shameful defence of calls for genocide against Jews and harassment of Israeli students in the campuses. It came out that, just like the mosques, the universities are funded by Qatar, Iran and other Muslim countries committed to radical Islam and annihilation of Israel. Ilhan Omar, an American Congresswoman is an example of the extent of Jihadist infiltration of the US democratic institutions. For her Jihadist and anti-American proclivities, she’s currently facing serious censure which can lead to possible loss of her congressional seat.
Mainstream global media houses…the BBC, CNN, Sky News, and a horde of other print and electronic channels are engaged in neck to neck race to the gutter, as they try to wrestle Hamas propaganda prize form Al-Jazeera and the United Nations. These guys are something else when it comes to lack moral conscience…While they take and spread Hamas narratives like divine decalogue, they expect the Israeli women who were raped, had their genitals mutilated before being slaughtered by Hamas to somehow resurrect and give account of the ordeal as evidence!

However, conscription of the United Nations, its subjugation into a department of the Arab League and subsequent degradation into a mouthpiece for Hamas terrorists is outstanding in its moral obscenity. The kindest of lullabies for Hamas terrorists are recited at the UN while Israeli toddlers and grandmothers perish under torture in the underground dungeons of Gaza.

Well, instead of demanding accountability and handover of top Hamas criminals from Qatar, Turkey, Iran and Syria, the UN has passed a thousand and one resolutions demanding unilateral ceasefire from Israel. In the meantime Ismail Haniyeh and his genocidal gang live in luxury as the UN General assembly and Security Council hold their brief. The UN praise melodies for Hamas are only interposed by rabid anti-Semitic choruses condemning Israel and justifying the October 7th mass slaughter of Jews. When history is written, the UN and it’s agencies will get an eternal awards of ignominy, cowardice and moral corruption.
An investment in tyranny of propaganda, indoctrination, Jihadist radicalization and anti-Semitic rhetoric across the world has achieved for Jihadist what a nuclear bomb would not. Distortion of history, misuse and misapplication of words such as occupation, apartheid, colonialism and genocide have misled many into taking Israel as the guilty party while styling terrorists as freedom fighters. The Jihadist violent mobs have made some European leaders facing re-election into moral quandary, blunting their initial condemnation of Hamas and support for Israel.

In view of the above therefore, Israel must deliberately invest in counter propaganda. She has to identify and engage communication ambassadors outside the official bureaucracy. It should be a global system with the sole mission of challenging the campaign of misinformation, distortion and outright lies which have been fed to the world audience over the years.

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.