‘Country of Conflicts’


24 hours, 365 days, struggle continues between life and death, for the existence, bombs and rockets are every second on the target, here the difference of life and death is merely 15 seconds, they have to escape, and they have to be alive so that they can save their Country. Here the 15 seconds stands for siren warning against air attacks alerting people to hide under bunkers to save their lives.

Every day, there is a new fight for their survival, the word like war, terror, bomb, rocket and missile has now been inherited in the soul of citizens.

It’s the story of the Country, which has been in conflicts since its inception in 15th May 1948, which has been fighting for its very existence on Map, where war in is the nerves of its citizens, The State of ‘Israel’- The land of Three Faiths-The Bone of Contention.

In last 70 years the Jewish country has been in direct fight with all its Arab neighbors, who consider Israel as their motherland.

In Israel the young generation prior becoming engineer, doctor, scientist, think of Nation, think of Army the foremost to all. Youths, Students, regardless of their gender and status, go to School and College or Work, only after ensuring safeguard of their nation. What will be use of Education when there will be no Nation to live, this what they have in their souls.

Army is their religion, Army is their culture, and Army is their deed. This is the country where from Prime Minister to Peasant, Richest to Poorest, Laborer to Leader and Capitalist to Communist, everyone is first supposed to serve Nation.

Israel has different connotation of terrorism and its supporters, and has very strong urge to save its citizens.

Israeli cities appears much more like cantonments where each and every corner is captivated with bomb proof bunkers whether it is home, office, ground, university, market, shopping mall, to save precious lives of its citizens, as no one knows when a rockets is going to destroy Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Palestine and Gaza is round the clock preparing to launch missiles, rocket here.

The State of Israel, on June 5, 1967, was going to be disappeared from Earth, after being invaded by Egypt, Syria and Jordon armies via three sides. It was the situation of Do or Die for Israel who did not leave any stone unturned for the sake of their land, losing more than 1 percent of its citizens in famous Six-day War.

It must be charisma that Israeli Air Force got lead against trio-army, defeating and scooting them from their own land with Israel capturing Gaza Strip, West Bank and Sinai Peninsula up to Suez Canal in Egypt, more than three times of its size.

It is certainly a matter of amaze that how Israelis are accustomed to such kind of life.

Even after being in fight with neighboring countries from 70 years, spending a big chunk of GDP for continuous renovation of military, how it stood up as most advanced country, certainly tells its story of struggle. The Tel Aviv city is among the most modern, beautiful, smart and safe cities in the world.

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Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.
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