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Country where the tail is wagging a dog

The basement window in Slomniki Synagogue Poland- phot.Tomasz Cebulski Polin Travel

Beautiful summer-like day today. We have just learned that there are only two important and meaningful groups in Polish society. Groups that stand above the law and constitution, above facts,  common sense and public health. More, for their sake and under their pressure public health and life of citizens are being gambled at the time of pandemics. Yes, this crisis shows the political kitchen. Those groups are ruling political party and church. So in total 0,2 % of the Polish society. Some 30.000 of catholic priests and up to 40.000 of members/politicians of the ruling party.

Why? Every Pole is respecting the very non-constitutional and having no real legal grounding limitations of movement, work, education, travel, etc. Almost every constitutional freedom was infringed upon by the simple ministerial regulation. The legality of the system was put on its head.  Poles are massively losing income and live with no perspectives for improvement soon. Yet Poles obey and adapt as they believe that it is for their security and survival. Yes, I can’t leave my home to the empty street with my wife and two kids anymore. If we do it, we are obliged under serious fine to have at most one parent with one child. No family units together allowed.

Exemption one. Only the Politicians of the ruling party, so in total 40.000 members are pushing the 39.000.000 Poles into elections amid the pandemic peak of early May 2020. They are strangling the remnants of the rule of law now so that to send the people either directly or through postal voting into elections. Such human movement in any version will bring thousands of new infections and hundreds of deaths.

Exemption two. Only the church just today was allowed by the authorities to run services from April 12 for 50 congregants. How will they pick those 50 for Easter Sunday at church? I will tell you. There will be a crowd coming to secure the spot. There is nothing better then agitated crowd in the mids of the pandemic. They plan for real belief in resurrection in practice. One more example within the economic stimulus package voted it, which was a great opportunity to stamp on constitutional values, only the priests are fully, unconditionally beneficial. On top of the 80% of the value of the social insurances paid already by the state, they were promised to have the missing 20 % also covered. When you protect the country’s economy think of the church economy first. Typical for the church-state. Business people can apply if only they meet certain conditions and have little guaranteed.

We live in the country in which the tail is wagging a dog.

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I hold an MA in International Relations and Politics and an MA in Middle East Studies, both from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I am a PhD in the field of Political Studies, writing on the changing patterns of Holocaust and Auschwitz memory. I am a scholar of comparative genocide studies and author of a book "Auschwitz after Auschwitz". I work professionally as Jewish genealogist. I am a guide and genealogist through complicated matters and sites. My research company Polin Travel was initiated in 2000 to merge three of my passions: Jewish history, genealogy, and guiding. The last 20 years brought many explorations, genealogical finds, and emotions that proved to be transformative for me and my clients. Pursuing an academic career I don't lose sight of moving my travel activities on-line with first successful on-line guided tours, on-line genealogy, supported with customized films, and lectures. During the COVID pandemic I initiated a new visual history and historical site interpretation project SKY HERITAGE PICTURES.
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