Covering Classics: The Power Of Music

Turning 40 a year and a half ago ( and 7 months 3 weeks and 11 hours!), I decided to take a look back at my musical accomplishments so far.

I grew up in a very musical family. My father always encouraged my brothers and I to sing and listen to as much music as possible. Eating at our Shabbat table was not only a culinary delight supplied by my mother, but the Zemirot/Shabbat table songs that permeated each course set me on my way to making a career out of music, and also inspired any guest that came to eat a meal with us. I learnt many songs growing up. Most were Jewish melodies but I also took an interest in the mainstream world. All types of music ranging from styles learnt while studying at the Royal Academy in London, to the music of the moment.

Thank Gd my career has shown me many things. I have met some amazing people from all walks of life, all types of Jews from the Ultra Orthodox to the unaffiliated.  I have been given the opportunity to perform at many different types of events all over the world.

Music has the power to affect the soul and connect you to a higher power. I needed a project that could reach out to a wider listening base.

I have always wanted to follow in the footsteps of a performer such as Josh Groban. I felt I had it inside me to express myself in the wider musical world. I have always wanted to record songs that have related to events in my life.  Songs of hope, songs of peace and songs that send messages we, as good human beings, can take and learn and grow.

I have met a number of incredible musicians and producers over the years in the Jewish music scene. I needed someone who understood that as an Orthodox Jew I had to create a project that could be heard all over the world and connect to as many people as possible, but also give the listener a sense that it was produced from a spiritual perspective. A project that had songs containing messages, songs that all can relate to, recognize and feel comfortable with.

I turned to the leading producer in the Jewish music world, someone who has had consistent success with the major Orthodox Jewish artists of our generation, Yochi Briskman. Here was a person who not only understood what I was trying to do, he also realized that as an Orthodox Jew I had the opportunity to release an album that took songs from the mainstream past and enrich it with a performance that could inspire one to listen to what the song has to say. I wanted to not only deliver a musical performance, but also express the message.

The album took time to make. We wanted to nurture the development of each song and arrange them in a way that sounded big and bold and fresh. Together with Yochi and our amazing musicians I’m proud to say we achieved our goal. The songs are recognizable but also deliver something new. We chose classics songs because, yes, these songs have been recorded before, but they are so powerful in their structure and meaning, theres always something that can be taken from them.

I hope you enjoy listening and feel inspired to continue to listen to “Covering Classics”.

My wish is to continue inspiring as many people as possible all over the world, with the beautiful soulful magical experience that is the power of music.

Goto to links for downloading the album on Itunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify  and ordering hard copy CDs on CD Baby.


About the Author
I am a singer/chazzan originally from London, who made Aliyah to Modi'in last year from New York after 15 years, where I am the Chazzan at the Riverdale Jewish Center and also very involved in the Jewish music world, performing at concerts smachot and various events. I return to New York once a month to my synagogue and for other events. I have released a number of albums in various Jewish styles notably a project together with my close friend and mentor Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. I have just released my first venture into mainstream American classics with the Jewish music worlds top producer.
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