COVID Medicine: Conspiracies and Politics

My purpose in writing this piece is to initiate the reader to the soft underbelly of COVID practices worldwide.

Does anyone recall the Hollywood handsome buffoonish character of Dr. Sean Conley D.O. That title is one for osteopaths rather than medical doctors. Well, he was the television figure standing with the backdrop of Walter Reed Military Hospital, providing updates on Trump’s COVID status. While Walter Reed is a world-renowned medical institution; on the other hand, I’d personally choose an M.D. specialist and steer away from Conley as my osteopathic doctor. What I am about to lay out for you is the complex world of COVID medicine and how it is administrated.

When COVID hit President Trump, he got miraculously better and fast. Furthermore he was energized; that being easily explained by a steroid high, which may well have been the reason he received prednisolone in the first place. He received a combination of antibodies, a cocktail of medicines, not familiar to a layperson nor the press. These medicines represent a complex world of therapeutic agents available to anyone above a certain tax bracket [you know, the people who do not pay taxes] and others who are connected to social and political resources that just don’t make the news pages. This is in the world of ‘us versus them’ or ‘have and have not’s’. From a neutral medical viewpoint, it is fascinating to follow the advances made world wide with treatment options of this once unmanageable dreaded disease.

My sources indicate that an array of therapeutics includes individualized protocols based on genetic markers and responses to antigenic simulation administered by way of AI catered calculations. This notion is unsurprisingly proven by the fact that various ethnic populations display a disparate variety of clinical responses to this dreaded virus. So, this is why no one, except for a few select doctors, had ever heard of his medical cocktail; it was made only for him.

Personally, I am glad and amazed at how far COVID therapeutics has come in less than a year. Optimistically speaking, they may soon trickle down to the average person with typical medical insurance coverage.  Just remember that Kupat Holim medicine system is sub-par to that of most Western countries’ systems including NHS or Canada’s universal health-care system. Most medical research facilities are now hard at work attempting to classify prototypes of therapeutic combinations that are suitable for wider distribution.

Well, what about the future? You mean vaccines, one would ask. This one is far more complex. This headline, “Astra Zeneca plans another Covid vaccine trial to clear uncertainty and confusion” is a clue to the forthcoming complexities in administering treatment. The ‘now well known puzzle’ of why did the lower dose vaccines have good results, is part of a larger effort to manufacture good average vaccines along with expensive personalized private therapies or vaccines. Now, as we return to the ‘us versus them’ meme, the future of vaccination looms large and complex, and somewhat worrisome. The need for a popularized, cheaply available and easy to administer vaccine, made for the masses, is far different than the formulation of privately available, read expensive, vaccines that may cost up to several hundred dollars.

When available, and some are already obtaining them, will depend on who you know and your bank account. As for what will be delivered, and when, to the Kupat Holim population is an altogether different matter. A few months back, the FDA stated that an acceptable vaccine would be one with an above 50% efficacy rate. Let me tell you that no one in his or her right mind should accept such a product. The low efficacy accompanied by certain risk factors makes this a medically and even morally unacceptable solution. Yet this may well be what the Third World gets.

Regarding front-runner vaccines, such as Astra Zeneca’s product, it is worth noting that Chris Kemp, the founder and CEO of the company, recently admitted that in reality his product is 62% effective for a two full dose regiment. Alarmingly, Israel has already negotiated for two million doses of said product. Optimistically we should hope that in the end, these will be discarded and instead the Kupat Holim will employ the Moderna or Sputnic products.

About the Author
Born in Cluj, Romania to Holocaust survivor parents, he and the family fled Communism at age 10 and lived as refugees in Italy for about a year. Arrived to USA at age 11 A graduate of Boston University Medical School, Dr. Mayer was the lead investigator and first author for a series of published research that introduced to the world peripheral thrombolytic therapy for myocardial infarction, a first-ever event. These procedures are commonplace today and have saved millions of lives. After years of work in the USA as a clinician, researcher, and professor he moved to Israel where he earned two back-to-back MA degrees from the University of Haifa: Holocaust Studies and Israel Studies. He continues to research and publish in the fields of identity and peoplehood as related to sociopolitical events with a concentration in museal studies and performative aspects of academic learning, i.e. experiential learning. His expertise in museal studies and Holocaust historiography resulted in him being named Head Historian at Martef Hashoah Museum in Jerusalem [2015-2018] In February 2018, according to, he was ranked in the top 1% of researchers worldwide As a way of introducing the whole picture, some other facts need mention. During 1989, Dr. Mayer returned to his native birthplace [Cluj, Romania] and was a prominent figure in the 1989 Romanian Revolution. He was for two decades an accomplished triathlete, competing at elite international levels. He competed in three World Triathlon Championships and completed multiple Ironman Triathlons in places ranging from China to New Zealand and Canada to Europe; in addition, a mention needs to be made of the 44 marathons he completed