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Creativity Warmups Focus Your Thinking Outside the Box Before a Meeting

One goal of this blog is to help you turn your creativity into a habit, not just ready to be turned on, but always turned on, ready to go, spontaneously thinking outside the box… Until that happens, here are some creativity warmups, fun activities to do to get your mind ready to be creative. This is very important.

Choose 2 or 3. Eventually, you may not need this provocation, but for now here goes…

Creativity Warmup #1: Tell And Listen To Jokes

Start a creativity session listening to and telling jokes. Laughter helps a mind turn creative.

Creativity Warmup #2: Funny Incidents

Remember and non-evaluatively list funny things that have happened in your life. Again laughter helps.

Creativity Warmup #3: Write Cartoon Captions

Collect dozens of cartoons from magazines, especially the New Yorker. Write funny captions to many of the cartoons to jump start your creative juices.

Creativity Warmup #4: Things You Are Proud Of

Make a list of things you are proud of and turn on your inventiveness.

Creativity Warmup #5: Bizarre Ideas

Bizarre ideas shake the cobwebs and stretch your mind, and give you permission to reach to the moon for your ideas.

List ten to fifteen bizarre ideas to cope with or triumph when someone made fun of you.

Creativity Warmup #6: Ways To Use A Brick Or Walk On Water

Grease the skids and list 5 bizarre ideas on weird ways to use a brick (or a tea bag), then list a mix of bizarre, ordinary, unexpected, and WOW ideas. Also list bizarre ways to walk on water.

Creativity Warmup #7: Things You Like To Do On Weekends

It’s time to smile internally and list things you like to do on the weekend (or at 10 am any day).

Creativity Warmup #8: Play A Musical Instrument

Play drums, guitar, piano, harmonica, recorder, etc.

Creativity Warmup #9: Draw doodles

Make doodling a creative process and open up your creative mind to slinking outside the box.

Creativity Warmup #10: Toys

Play with toys you used to play with as a child, such as, marbles, play-doh, legos, slinky, silly putty, etc.

Creativity Warmup #11: Comedy DVDs

Watch your favorite stand up comedian. Must be funny.

Creativity Warmup #12: Draw Happiness (Or Creativity)

Draw your conception of ‘happiness’ or ‘creativity.’ Use crayon and colored paper like a kid.

Creativity Warmup #13: New Hobbies

List your current hobbies and future hobbies you would like to undertake. More comforting stuff to soothe your creative mind and let it out from where it hides.

Creativity Warmup #14: Dance As A Child

Do you remember how you danced as a child? Do that as a creativity warmup. Let’s get you back to your childhood creative state.

Creativity Warmup #15: Unusual Hat And Costumes

Did you dress up as a child. Do this as a creativity warmup. Or just put on a funny hat or costume.

Creativity Warmup #16: Fun Things You Did As A Child

Reach back in your memory. What made you laugh as a child. What did you love to do back then. Make a list and do some of them.

Creativity Warmup #17: Your Own Warmup

List your own creativity warmup that releases the creativity stored in your mind outside the box.

Of course, you will not do all of these creativity warmups at once. Rather, you will pick out 1 or 2 and save the rest. May you find these very helpful.

Make creativity a habit. 

Meanwhile, get started with creativity warmups to generate a creative mind thinking outside the box before you generate ideas.


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Ed Glassman, Professor Emeritus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, founded the Program For Team Excellence And Creativity at the university. He led scores of problem-solving creativity meetings and creative thinking workshops-seminars for many large and small companies. He was a ‘Guggenheim Foundation Fellow’ at Stanford University, a ‘Visiting Fellow’ at the ‘Center For Creative Leadership’ in Greensboro, NC, a Visiting Professor at the University Of California at Irvine, and a Visiting Scientist at SRI International in Palo Alto, California.

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About the Author
Ed Glassman, Ph.D., is professor emeritus and former head of the "Program for Team Effectiveness and Creativity," in the medical school of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was also a visiting fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina.