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Cry The Beloved Countries

“We need a ‘Churchill’ who inspires faith in the future and a system that makes real change possible.” [Brenda Katten, Public Relations Chairwoman of ESRA]

On January 25th 1949, the Israeli 1st election was held for the Knesset, then called the Constituent Assembly and on February 14th 1949 the 1st sitting of this body took place at the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem.

The President of the Provisional State Council, Professor Chaim Weizmann in his address at the opening sitting of the Constituent Assembly stated, “It is with a sense of honor and awe that I rise to open the Constituent Assembly of the State of Israel, the 1st Jewish assembly of our day, in Jerusalem, the eternal city.

At this great moment in the history of our people, we give thanks and praise to the God of Israel, by whose grace we have been privileged to see redemption, after generations of suffering and misery. Knesset members, I congratulate you on your 1st meeting. Remember that the eyes of the whole Jewish world are upon you, and that the yearning and prayers of past generations accompany you.”

Great speech, but what had it generated? Winston Churchill had the answer on November 11, 1947:

“Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe, no one pretends that democracy is perfect and all wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time —-”

“It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national center and a national home and be reunited, and where else but in Palestine with which for 3,000 years they have been intimately and profoundly associated ? We think it will be good for the world, good for the British Empire, but also good for the Arabs who dwell in Palestine. They share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.” [Righteous Victims, P99].

“Anyone who has seen the work of the Jewish colonies will be struck by the enormous productive results which they have achieved from the most inhospitable soil.” Further, according to Churchill’s 1922 White Paper, ‘It is essential that it [the Jewish community] should know that it is in Palestine as of right and not on sufferance.”

Thus, was born a modern day belief that Israel owes its existence to the Holocaust. Or, as stated differently, claims and rights to the Land of Israel. For too long, Jewish leaders failed to argue on the Jews being the indigenous owners dating back to the era of Josephus and the Jewish Wars. Had they done so, the so-called “Two-state solution” would not have arisen and is now about to raise its ugly head again with the evolving US Biden Administration.

The Jerusalem Post published, “Debunking the Claim that ‘Palestinians’ are the Indigenous People of Israel” by Daniel Grynglas on May 12, 2015 .There are no records to support their absurd claim. None, absolutely no records to support the ‘Palestinian’ narrative. In history, art and literature there is no trace at all of any Muslim people referred to by anybody as “Palestinians.”

What one can find are records illustrating that it was 19th and 20th century Jewish settlement and the resulting employment opportunities that drew successive waves of Arab immigrants to Palestine.

It was only during the 1970s that the newly minted ‘Palestinians’ began to promote their narrative through murder and assassination. Many individual authors have challenged the ‘Palestinian’ narrative. Among these, one of the most ambitious was Joan Peters, who in 1984 published her thoroughly researched study of Arab immigration into Palestine, “From Time Immemorial.”

“Peter’s exhaustive  analysis consists of 410 pages of text and 190 pages of documentary appendices. The general public could hardly be expected to wade through the 600-page tome full of data tables and quotes from hundreds of sources”. Consequently and regrettably the book was unable to reverse the continuing fiction of the indigenous “Palestinian” people whose lands have been stolen by the Jews.

All historic records indicate that only insignificant number of long-term settled Muslims were present in Palestine before 1882, when the large Jewish immigration began.

More recently,  on September 11, 2016, Lee S. Bender and Jerome R. Verlin’s, “We Never Left: The Jews’ Continuous Presence in the Land of Israel” was featured by “The Algemeiner”. They commence with a quote from President Obama’s first term speech in Cairo broadcast worldwide, “It is easy to point fingers  –  for ‘Palestinians’ to point to the displacement brought by Israel’s founding. For a US President to be  so gravely misleading is shameful.

As explained by Bender and Verlin, Israel was not “created and founded,” artificially and out-of-the-blue, in 1948 – but rather, re-attained its independence that year as the natural fruition into statehood of the once-sovereign homeland of the Jewish people, who- over almost 2 millennia of continuous foreign invader and empire rule – never deserted that home, despite all attempts at its eradication.

This was followed by Dr. Yechiel Shably’s “The History of the Land is Jewish, not Palestinian”, on February, 2020, a BESA publication .” The elected representatives of Israel’s Arab community claim that the Palestinians are the original owners of the land , an indigenous minority disinherited by foreign invaders.

“According to this notion, which is aimed at undermining the Zionist narrative about the Jewish people’s return to its historical homeland”, the Arabs of the Land of Israel liken themselves to the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines and the South African Zulus,” victims of European imperialism/colonialism. In other words, they liken themselves to “a disenfranchised and oppressed minority in their own land.” All of these attempts to disenfranchise Israel failed as did the British promises to the Jewish people. But not the efforts of the Irgun and Lechi . With the  mass break at Acre Fortress , “The fall of the Bastille” as described by Begin, Churchill rose in the Commons asking, “how much longer will this squalid war go on ?”Recognizing that Britain was no longer able to govern Palestine he questioned, “Is there no means of accelerating the appeal to the UN, or are we just to drift on, month after month, with these horrible outrages and counter-measures, which are necessary but, nevertheless, objectionable  -necessary but painful? In this small Palestine—we are to pour out all our treasure and keep 100,000 men marching around in  most vexatious and painful circumstances, when we have no real interest in the matter.”[Chapter 4, “Begin, his life, words and deeds” by Zvi Harry Hurwitz].

The other issue which continues to be problematic for Israel, is its dysfunctional democracy. After 73 years, Israel still suffers from its parliamentary democracy and its attendant limitations. The fact that it became necessary to have 4 national elections in short order is undoubtedly shameful, costly and troublesome. Professor Paul Eidelberg has probably devoted almost a professional occupation to this troublesome issue. Amongst the many books and papers he has written are his “Jewish Statesmanship, Lest Israel Fall” [2000] which includes Chapter 5, “Israel’s Flawed Parliamentary System: A Jewish Remedy” and Chapter 7, “Israel’s Flawed Judicial System: A Democratic Remedy” and “Urgently Needed: A Jewish Democracy”[May 2006].

Further, on 12/03/2019, Israel Hayom published, “Time for electoral reform” by Neville Teller. This paper appeared following Israel’s failed 2nd election with a warning of further elections unless the necessary reforms were instituted. In fact the country suffered 4 elections in quick time for the same reasons. Teller’s paper is short, but to the point. He rightly points out that in the US, citizens know who the two senators representing their state are, just as they know by name the individual who represents their constituency in Congress.

Teller notes that proposals to reform Israel’s electoral system by combining the constituency concept with proportionality have been put forward on several occasions. Back in 2005, President Moshe Katsav set up a commission to examine constitutional issues including the electoral system. It met regularly for more than a year, but nothing materialized. Nor indeed were subsequent efforts, like those of Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson in 2006.

Most recently, on  Nov. 14, 2021, Israel National News published , “Zionism Imperiled” by Adina Kutnicki. She commences her piece with, “Immediate overhaul of Israel’s political structure is imperative.” Nothing can be truer.  Following an intensive valid critique of Israel’s current questionable coalition, Kutnicki remarks, ” even as dangerous as the situation is, there is an upside and a reason to be hopeful. As one of the great Jewish sages, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, famously and wisely told his followers: “Do not despair!” And even more to the point, “Still yet, none of it will take place without massive pressure for change from the majority public.”

This writer is able to concur with every item in the subject Op-Ed and is fully familiar with Professor Eidelberg’s multi faceted activities. In my efforts to draw attention to Israel’s dysfunctional democracy, I attempted to encourage the Chairman of probably Israel’s largest English magazine to emphasize the needs of members to participate in promoting electoral reform. Apparently he could not see the distinction between  politics [the art or science of government] and democracy [government by the people] and in consequence thereof, refused to act accordingly.

And what of Israel’s Ally, the United States? It is also seriously troubled, but of an entirely different nature. Violence has become a daily occurrence. Hatred reigns supreme. The judiciary is totally lacking in any semblance of trust or honesty. The Democrat Party is hardly democrat.

The Street violence commenced around the beginning of the last 6 months of President Trumps watch. Now, for some strange reason a President cannot send in the National Guard without the permission of a reigning State Governor or City Mayor. The subject violence primarily prevailed in Democrat locations. In all but one, Trump was enabled to act, which he did most efficiently. Now, here is the irony. In all the victimized entities where he was prevented from acting , he was blamed.

How is any sane individual to understand this other than it was but one of almost every day gestures of hatred that was directed at Trump. To his credit, almost every other activity President Trump engaged in, succeeded.

For those of us who lived through WW2, the present day Democrat Party is not the party of our elders. The idea that the party can now accept Islamic radicals and Marxists could never have been entertained then. Nor the daily lies.

President Joe Biden appears to echo Obama’s transformational path towards socialism, only on a greater scale. The trend towards bigger government and more power for certain leaders looms large. Failing to stop undocumented immigrants, who could include criminals and/or Coved patients, defunding the police with resultant lawlessness has become a daily routine.

On 2019’s 9/11 anniversary, the somber recitation of names of those deceased was punctuated by a stinging rebuke delivered by Nic Haros, whose mother, Frances Haros, was murdered that day:

After recalling the death of his 76 year old mother and all who were enduring consequent suffering , he heard a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota say, “Some people did something”  to support and justify the creation of CAIR [the Council on American–Islamic Relations].

To which he responded, “Today I’m here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom. Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why your confusion?

On that day 19 Islamic terrorists, members of al-Qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused  billions of dollars of economic damage. Is that clear? But as to whom, I was attacked. Your relatives and friends were attacked. Our constitutional freedoms were attacked, and our nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles were attacked.

That’s what some people did. Got that now? We’re here today, congresswoman, to tell you who and the Squad just who did what to whom. Show respect in honoring them, please. American patriotism in your position demands it. For God and country, amen.”

All acts of violence, particularly when unpunished, have a free fall. Time and again, the question is asked why does the devious  President Biden permit the ongoing saga of allowing unlimited questionable immigrants to enter the US. The answer – in time they will be voters.

Internationally acclaimed author Ayaan Hirsi Ali has become a foil to the Democrat Party’s “Squad”. Having been born in Somalia, is all she has in common with Congresswoman  Ilhan Omar. Her “How influencers have legitimized anti-Semitism” published on  May 25, 2021  In the body of her paper, she writes

“Of all the narratives competing for our attention, there is none as volatile as the one that tells the story of Israel-Palestine. Indeed, there is no other conflict in the world that manages to combine all the highly charged story lines of our time: the narrative of the oppressor versus the oppressed, of the colonizer verses the colonized, of the genocide- perpetrator and system of supremacy.”

Ali provides several example of present day worldwide anti-Semitism, including the US. One incident: “—a Jewish man, Joseph Borgen was attacked by a group of pro-Palestinian activists in New York City’s Times Square. They reportedly beat him with a crutch, sprayed him with mace, called him a “dirty Jew” and explained that “Hamas is going to kill all of you.”

She also drew attention to a pro-Palestinian protest in Brooklyn, chanting: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” — an anti-Semitic slogan coined by the Palestine Liberation Organization to call for the elimination of Israel.

Arutz 7 featured  Ayaan Hirsi’s “Biden’s most heartless betrayal” on August 18, 2021. In this article she deals with the frightening levels of incompetence in the USA commencing with the failure to remove Americans 1st from Afghanistan. She commences her lengthy article with:

I’ve been clear,” President Joe Biden told the American people on Monday, “that human rights must be the centre of our foreign policy, not the periphery. But the way to do it is not through endless military deployments. It’s with our diplomacy, our economic tools, and rallying the world to join us.”

And concludes with:

“We have to solve this disease of moral decay within our own society and improve our imaginative skills. American decline is not inevitable. It is a choice. Standing by our allies is a choice. Standing up for human rights is a choice.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan may be the future for Afghanistan. But it can’t be the future for the brave people who risked their lives to fight barbarity.”

With the daily killings and overall violence, America is becoming to look like Sodom and Gomorrah.  One has to wonder whether justice has been abandoned or has Leftism superseded Liberalism. Chapter 20 of Sidney Powell’s book, “Licensed to Lie” is entitled, “Inside the Department of Injustice: The Calculated Corruption of Justice.” It appears to demonstrate how the evil which has be smitten America has prevailed.

About the Author
Alex Rose was born in South Africa in 1935 and lived there until departing for the US in 1977 where he spent 26 years. He is an engineering consultant. For 18 years he was employed by Westinghouse until age 60 whereupon he became self-employed. He was also formerly on the Executive of Americans for a Safe Israel and a founding member of CAMERA, New York (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and today one of the largest media monitoring organizations concerned with accuracy and balanced reporting on Israel). In 2003 he and his wife made Aliyah to Israel and presently reside in Ashkelon.