‘Curb your Enthusiasm’

‘PA’s UN envoy says process ‘elusive’ despite ‘genuine efforts’;

Israeli ambassador says right of return stymying negotiations.’       (Times of Israel. October 23, 2013)

It would seem that there are those on both sides here quite prepared to undermine (pun not intended) peace efforts even while negotiations are proceeding apace in apparent earnest endeavour towards rescuing the situation, now more than ever in timely need of long-term salvation.

To the meanest intelligence observing this state of affairs, it must be obvious that it cannot end well. Discussions such as these are doomed to failure from the very start. Without some means of curbing the enthusiasm of certain factions for disrupting past and present attempts at peaceful compromise and coexistence, results worthy of any further pursuit must remain ever beyond reach.


Now this would certainly curb any great enthusiasm for continuing with arrangements as they stand today. And may still be standing tomorrow if no really radical overhaul of the current position is forthcoming.

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