Robin Diamond
Robin Diamond

Current Events & Existence of G-d: Rabbi Mendel Kessin

This transcription is not verbatim but includes much of the rabbi’s exact language.

Introduction: Current Events

If the “left” succeed in putting together this coalition (in Israel), it will mean the Eirev Rav, the enemies of Judaism, has been victorious which is a tremendous leap into Darkness—a leap the geulah–Redemption process needs. If the mashiach comes because we are at the sha’arei tumah mem-tet– 49th gate of defilement, and G-d is preventing us from slipping further into the 50th—which is terrible.  Mashiach can come to press the “restart” button. But to accomplish that, there would be kitrugim—prosecutions due to the Jews’ being undeserving, and the judgment would result in the suffering necessary for atonement.

This is exactly like Egypt when Moshe’s efforts resulted in things getting much worse and his own consternation because of it. His misguided question to G-d: “Why have you done evil to this people?” (G-d does not do “evil” to people) was a consequence of Pharoah’s decree requiring the Hebrew slaves to gather the straw that had heretofore been provided for the making of bricks. This was the suffering meted out to bring atonement based on their unworthiness to be redeemed.

The government being proposed in this latest attempt at coalition-building, should it succeed, means we’ve gone down; it will intensify the suffering, certainly by the Torah world. The one who would be in charge of the Finance Ministry, Lieberman, hates the Hareidim and cannot be expected to support religious education. I’ve just heard also that someone in Meretz is intent on passing a law criminalizing acts of kiruv, Jewish education outside the formal educational setting regarding minors. Astounding!  And that is just the beginning. They will deem it permissible to desecrate Sabbath in all cities. There could be wholesale invalidation of all conversions, marriages, and divorces when anyone is authorized to oversee such rites and ordinances. This would create pandemonium regarding Jewish observance in Israel. This is a victory for the Eirev Rav and a descent of the Jewish people further into tumah—defilement. This indicates that we are very close to the End.

In my last shiur, Bernie Sanders was disparaged by someone in a comment saying that he was the son of converts. I didn’t notice the comment at the time so wish to set the record straight. It is not true that a convert, a ger tzedek—a righteous convert is in any way inferior in holiness to someone born a Jew. The Gemara says that one reason for the exile has been to enable conversion. A convert is a full-fledged Jew.

Participant: Were you shocked that Gideon Sa’ar refused to take Netanyahu’s offer to give him the first rotation as prime minister?

Rabbi: Yes, quite shocked. I believe that G-d performed three miracles to enable him to become prime minister:

  1. Netanyahu repeatedly failed, four times, to form a government.
  2. Netanyahu, lacking only two seats, could not convince two to join him, despite likely bribing them with prospects of ministerial positions.
  3. Despite having only six seats as elected, Sa’ar was offered the job of prime minister.

Had he taken the offer, he could have done what Trump did, change the face of Israel as Trump did America. He could have eradicated or mitigated the bureaucracy, the regulations, the poverty, everything that currently hampers Israel’s progress and growth. He could have demonstrated superb capability. He could have—and still could–revolutionize the education ministry, infusing it with Torah—something dangerously lacking now for the 1.5 million kids in the public schools. They receive almost no Jewish education and the little they do get is one presented as pluralistic—there are many streams, equally valid. Sa’ar’s refusal is, is seems, based on his unwillingness to contribute to Netanyahu’s continuation as a prime minister, albeit one which would be shared despite the possibility that Netanyahu’s ongoing legal battles could very well result in his having to step down or even go to jail. It wouldn’t be the first time, and Sa’ar would have proven his ability.

If he joins this proposed coalition, he will be joining a group that is at war with G-d. He has been offered the keys to heaven, and has turned it down.  I still hope he chooses to become prime minister; he would be a fabulous one. If he did, he could reverse the entire direction of the anti-Torah thrust in Israel.

RaMChal: Evidence for Emuna

At the beginning of his work, “Derech Hashem,” the RaMChal goes into the concept of who G-d is and how we know. This is timely because atheism and agnosticism are typical positions.  G-d wants man to know that He exists. Even though G-d conceals Himself, G-d wants mankind, particularly the Jews, to know there is a supreme being of infinite intelligence. If G-d put us on this planet with no way to perceive him, who can be blamed for lack of faith? What is the indicator that shows us there is a supreme being?

The origin of Jewish faith is from two directions:

  1. history, which includes prophecy—mankind’s direct connection with G-d through hundreds of thousands of credible, righteous individuals in days of old who spoke to G-d.
  2. events in which G-d revealed Himself, prophetically, to mankind. The greatest of these was the giving of the Torah at Sinai. “You have been shown to know that G-d is Lord and that, besides G-d, there is nothing else. Rashi says that this event offered mankind a glimpse of G-d, despite His incomprehensibility. They saw that He is truly the root of the entire universe. We don’t know what they saw but this verse in the Torah shows that man need not deduce that G-d is existence itself. It was shown as a visual, visceral experience.

How does it benefit us who did not see it?  Once a visual, corporeal experience has been experienced, eye-witnesses are created who can transmit it further. That testimony is “historical transmission.” In historical transmission, there are two questions: what exactly did they experience and what is the validity of that experience?  They experienced, as Rashi says, that “G-d is One, the only One…”.  Such was the observation of millions. We know how many left Egypt and were in attendance.

There are other religions that claim revelations but those proffer testimony of very few unreliable witnesses. For example, Islam’s Mohammad claims he was visited by the angel Gabriel. Can one base one’s belief system, one’s life, on the testimony of one man? This alone, and not even the testimony itself which is dubious, should disqualify whatever claims he made. The same with Yeshu and the claim that he rose from the dead.  Who saw that–four women?  The New Testament is filled with divergent claims and accounts. It is said some people “encountered” him, not that they saw his actual resurrection.

Matan Torah –giving of the Torah is the greatest reason to know there is a G-d. All saw and spoke to G-d, creating millions of sources of historical transmission. Millions don’t lie. The transmission process was very accurate, the Torah recording every word, every letter. The Gemara can cite every word spoken, every source who spoke. It is a chain of transmission that was never broken from that event to the Jews alive today. There is no other nation of antiquity that is extant, that wasn’t assimilated or died out.  The Jewish transmission has not been interrupted despite the nation’s turbulent history.

How do we know there was a man named “Abraham Lincoln”?  I didn’t see him. You didn’t see him. People who lived then saw him or heard him, who voted for him, told their kids of him, and his acts and words were recorded for posterity. Mormonism, on the other hand, is validated by Joseph Smith, one man, claiming to have spoken to an angel? Does this make sense?

What is the validity, the historicity of information?–eyewitness accounts by impressive numbers who provide consistent verbal and/or written testimony that is disseminated generation-to-generation, taught in schools, written about in the annals of history. This is in addition to documents written and/or signed by them, like Lincoln’s many writings. All this evidence validates history and is the basis of history.

Judaism, therefore, has the strongest, greatest historic validity of all. At matan Torah, millions witnessed all the miracles and interacted with G-d. G-d did this on purpose because there has to be a solid basis for faith. A person might consider that all religions will make demands of faith on him. “Shall I,” he asks himself, live an entire life based on the musings of one, or a few, person’s claims?”

Even after the Sinaic experience, we have the testimony, the writings of many prophets, people of impeccable reputation, people not given over to falsehoods, who experienced G-d. This phenomenon says there is a G-d.  During biblical times, vast numbers of people had prophetic powers. It was actually rather commonplace. Later, when it became rarer, there was known that such a tradition existed. This speaks to the authenticity of the Torah, G-d’s existence and His intervention in the Creation, the requirements, obligations He places upon us to abide by, and that He will hold us accountable for our choices either rewarding or punishing us based on what we deserve. All these are part of the testimony of the Torah, the presentation of which was witnessed by millions.

There is another basis for emunah—faith to be given over in the next installment on this topic, one which is independent of history. It answers the question: what is the probability of Creation occurring by chance? There is now mathematical and scientific validation for the existence of G-d, of a Supreme Intelligence that has interacted with man and has expectations of man.

All this become evident during the messianic era. Every Jew will become a prophet. One won’t have to believe; one will know. You will speak to G-d and be the recipient of the information He gives. In fact, prophetic communication will be as accessible, as easy, as talking to your friend.

Participant:  Will everyone have the same level of prophetic ability?

Rabbi: Probably. Everyone will have it but maybe there will be variations based on the way you conducted your life. Moshe was greater than those who followed. The latter-day prophets were on a lower wrung but the minimal level is to be able to communicate with G-d Himself and everyone will have that.


Participant: Is that true in olam ha’ba— Future World too?

Rabbi: Prophecy, as extraordinary as it is, is still communication with an external consciousness, an external being. Olam ha’ba, is where you experience that you emanate from G-d and you are part of Him and He is within you. That is the concept of dveikut—attachment. It is experiential, not communicative.

Participant:  Olam ha’ba is a thousand years after the messianic era which ends in 2240/6000?

Rabbi: Yes. After the messianic era ending in 2240/6000, the world changes. But starting from the 8000th year/3340, you begin to experience G-d internally and this takes time. From 9001 is the era of olam ha’ba when you and G-d are fused. That never ends. We cannot begin to understand that. It is the greatest existence known but not understood. There is nothing greater than dveikut in the Future World.

Participant: Prophecy begins when we all get up in tchiat ha’meitim—resurrection of the dead?

 Rabbi: Yes. Because the zoama—defilement responsible for degradation, death, will have been removed. As it says in the Torah, during the experience at Sinai, a simple maidservant could “see” more of divinity than Ezekiel, and his is the vision of the Divine Chariot which is the basis for the structure of Kabbalah. How could that have been? It had been 7 days since the departure from Egypt, so 1/7th of the zoama had been removed. The remaining days saw the removal of the rest.  The maid-servant’s vision was greater than Ezekiel’s after only 1/7th had been removed and Ezekiel’s defilement had not been removed to any extent. Clearly, the nevuahprophecy of anyone after resurrection is greater than Ezekiel’s too. This is what we have to look forward to.

Participant: During the time of mashiach, there won’t be any other prophets except mashiach?

Rabbi: Just him and us.  The mashiach will have the greatest prophecy since he will be giving over the Torah of the ohr mashiach—messianic Light. He doesn’t bring another Torah. He brings the full revelation of the Torah we got at Sinai. It is the Torah we cannot begin to imagine, the extent of that Torah. Mashiach will reveal, to an almost infinite extent, the Torah of Moshe. There is a “Midrash Raba “ which says that the Torah of Moshe is hevel, luft—insubstantial compared to the same Torah as revealed by mashiach.  The amount and depth of divinity will be staggering. And the Torah of mashiach will be, likewise, insubstantial, compared to the Torah of olam ha’ba. We will be privy to the secrets of existence that even angels have no access to. The neshamot–souls in olam ha’ba will have that and there will be enough in substance and amount to provide divine understanding without end, for eternity.

 Participant: It is Mashiach ben David who will teach us this new Torah?

Rabbi: Actually, it is Mashiach ben Yosef who is the teacher of the messianic Light. Ben David is the executive king and ben Yosef is the king of revealing the Light.

Participant: At that point after resurrection when Avraham and Moshe et al are back among us, what is their contribution?

Rabbi: It is not clear. The main transmission is from ben Yosef. Maybe he will give it to them and they will give it out.

Participant: Like the 70 elders?

Rabbi: Yes. Like Moshe taught it to Aaron, who taught it to Elazar Itamar who taught it to the 70 elders who transmitted it to the rest. But prophecy means that every person can “dial G-d” directly.

Participant: So, unless Sa’ar accepts the rotation, what will happen with Israel?

Rabbi: Like I said, it could mean a darker period with a victory of the Eirev Rav,  but that will be their final victory.  I am hoping Sa’ar will wake up and take Israel in another direction.

Participant: It’s like Biden.

Rabbi: Yes. Biden as president is a punishment. America is supposed to be a beacon to the world. Instead, it is destroying civilization via the insanity that it is doing: the erasure of gender distinction is one of the worst sins, destroying the judicial system, the economy…. It’s the ultimate power-grab, unmitigated arrogance and no heed is paid to suffering. New York used to be the greatest city in the world. Now it is in the mud.  Israel, hopefully, will not follow that example. If they do, we will see a terrible war against orthodox Judaism but that will be the last stand of the sitra-achra—the other side, the Satanic forces.

Participant: Are we at the 48th level of tumah?

Rabbi: We are at the 49th.  We are in it. We are watching civilization disintegrate. The Satan is dying and trying to survive and the only weapon he has is the prosecution of the Jewish people and he continues to be successful. What saves the Jews is that most don’t have free will. It is limited due to their ignorance. This prevents the Satan from garnering power from their sins. This preventative is one reason the Jews are given their ignorance of Torah, so their sins should not count against them to fuel the Satan’s case against them.

Participant: The Satan looks the strongest right now.

Rabbi: True but you have to keep in mind that his weapon, prosecutions, is lacking to some extent due to ignorance. This is why we see punishment being meted out to orthodox Jews. They are the ones who can “feed” the Satan because they have free will.

Participant: In regards to making aliyah—emigrating to Israel, we know that, before the Holocaust, the Jews in Europe had, for the most part, comfortable lives and didn’t believe the warning signs. I think we are experiencing a parallel here in America. When is it is too late.

Rabbi: It is like early 1930’s but the problem is that nobody cares. Schumer, who calls himself “shomer,” guardian of Israel is a joke. He is afraid of losing his election to AOC. He says nothing. The highest Jewish official in the country says nothing.  It is the anti-Semitism on one hand, and silence on the other. They are elected and it is their responsibility to speak against such injustice, inequality. That they don’t is what is so dangerous. There are no longer rational people running the government. City councils want to remove police, defund the police? We are being governed by insane people. Fools. Without an effective police force, it is a descent into lawlessness allowed by G-d as a punishment for America’s willful descent into indecency, immorality. And so, the idiotic may reign.

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