Tali Silberstein

Dana, the trans star, is Israel’s story

Dear University/ Eurovision Protestor,

At a time when Israeli singer, Eden Golan, performed at the Eurovision despite booing by the audience during dress rehearsals, I want to share with you some FACTS.

1. The first trans Eurovision winner was from Israel in 1998. Her stage name is Dana International.

2. Dana is not a “white” person she is of Yemenite heritage.

3. She grew up in Petach Tikva. Petach Tikva is a modern, Jewish city whose physical land was purchased by a Jewish man named Edmond Rothschild in the 1880s, before any modern country in the Middle East was established. In the 1880s there was no Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq- there was the Ottoman Empire, which also encompassed modern Israel.

4. Dana, whose given name is Sharon, (a male and female name in Hebrew), was named after an uncle killed in a terrorist attack.

This simple exercise in unbiased research illustrates-

1. Israel is not a colonialist enterprise. I am happy to give more facts to debunk this hateful slander.

2. Israel is made up of all kinds of Jews, including Jews from all over the Middle East. Half of Israelis are of middle eastern decent.

3. The Jewish people have and continue to be the primary victim of the world’s hate and brutality.

4. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where people are not discriminated against for who they love. Israel’s gay rights are arguably the greatest in the world.

So, before you go out today and shout lies and hate, please do yourself a favor and get more information. For your own dignity, look into a rare, cherished treasure: the TRUTH.

Stop embarrassing yourself shouting the ultimate, blood libel, anti-Semitic lie. Here is the truth:

There is no genocide in Gaza. There is a war started by Hamas on October 7, 2023. Israel is protecting its citizens while doing whatever possible to  minimize harm to Palestinian civilians. These are civilians that Hamas has put and keeps purposely in the line of fire. Palestinian civilians are dying because of Hamas.  The longer you support Hamas, and their agenda to eliminate the Jewish state (including killing all Israelis and Jews around the world), rather than peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the more I, and all civilians in the region, will feel the excruciatingly painful consequences.

Eden, a brave Jewish Israeli young woman, left the stage last night to  applause because she is a hugely talented artist. I recommend watching her performance last night:

About the Author
Though she was born in Israel, Tali grew up in the United States. Tali received a Masters in Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson school of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. She worked in the Jewish non-profit arena. Tali was happy to be a part of Jewish and Israel education at a conservative synagogue in San Diego, CA. She moved back to Israel with her family in 2016.