David Ward MP now says “Israel should never have been created”

At an event hosted by the notorious Palestinian Return Centre last night in the British Houses of Parliament, David Ward MP, who was recently suspended for blaming “the Jews” for oppressing the Palestinian people, claimed that, “Israel should never have been created”.

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The event, which was also attended by the disgraced former Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge, and Lord “Jewish media conspiracy” Ahmed, was entitled, “Britain, It’s Time To Apologize for the Balfour Declaration”.

During the event, Ward bemoaned his suspension from the Liberal Democrat party, including the reason that was given: him stating that Israel should no longer exist. He protested, “Actually I never said that [Israel shouldn’t exist] but that it should never have been created,” as if somehow that was better.

Ward also took the opportunity to contradict himself. Months ago, he claimed publicly that “the Zionists are losing”. Yet in his speech last night he clearly stated, “Israel are winning. We are losing hands down”.

Well, whichever it is, we know one thing for certain. Ward has an incredibly slim, 365-vote majority in his parliamentary seat of Bradford East. The seat has a high Muslim population. I wonder what on earth he might be playing at with these anti-Israel comments, eh?

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