Day of Jewish Unity Met with Unprecedented Success

Thousands of Jews participate in the recitation of Psalms and prayer for Acheinu's annual day of Jewish unity

For its fifth consecutive year, Acheinu the outreach arm of Dirshu, hosted a worldwide day of Jewish unity on Tuesday, September 24th. The day involved the participation of Jews from around the entire globe, literally spanning all of the earth’s continents. As in previous years where there were more than ten thousand people who gathered at the Western Wall in unison, this year too there was an impressive presence at the Western Wall reciting psalms and praying for peace and stability in the world.

This year’s theme was dedicated to bringing the scourge of antisemitism to the forefront of people’s minds. In recent years there has unfortunately been a resurgence of anti-Semitic sentiment and incidents. People across the world are becoming afraid to live as they once did, in their very own countries. This day was dedicated to helping combat the rise of this despicable bigotry and xenophobia. More than one million people around the world united in prayer in an unprecedented demonstration of solidarity with Acheinu’s incredibly important message.

The influencers and well-recognized individuals who promoted the initiative by writing about it, reflected the sort of unity that the event inspired. They came from disparate political ideologies and backgrounds, intending to express the importance and urgency for all decent and civilized members of society to stand-up as one united against this Semitic stench.

Consistent with Dirshu’s global reach and bringing people together through prayer and study, the world’s largest Torah organization will be holding its worldwide Siyum at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on February 9th, 2020, and at other world-class venues across the world beginning in December 2019.

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