So it is 2am. I finally finished bedika. The oven and sink are finally kashered. I can sit down and be mikayim the holy mitzvah of Biur Chametz on Erev Pesach (L’chaim!). As I’m sitting reflecting I am feeling a sense of relief. And as I think more I can’t help but notice an extremely intense similarity to Shabbos.

Every Shabbos we are all rushing as the 18 minutes hit. (Ok, fine, it’s just me, y’all are ready.) But then it doesn’t matter. What is done is done and Zehu. But somehow, it always is done. It just works out. We see it week in and week out. After the deadline hits and we did all we can, we let G-d take the wheel and SHEFA!!

But recently are Shabbosim seemed all dimmed. Every single one was about the virus. No shul, no guests. Many of us could not even go to our families. Or R”L were suffering through our loved ones being sick. No matter how many inspirational speakers you listened to, let’s be real. The focus was still there. So what did G-d do? He gave us pesach!

And the oilum bugged face. Those who normally go to hotels had to make their own pesach. Those who normally go to their parents had to make do on their own. And those Tzadikim and Tzadkonyos that normally host had to make do on their own.

But now here we are at Erev Pesach, and no matter who you are or what your situation is, Bh it is all ready. I am entirely confident writing that. Like it or not Bedika had to be done and much like those Shabbosim, of course it is. So what are my thoughts about this?

Two aspects come to mind.

The first is a sense of gratitude. Even in isolation this Pesach did not happen in a vacuum. For me I need to personally thank my amazing Ima for making sure that even if I did not make it home I still had corn beef, roast, etc…

But looking around and talking to friends it seems many people had a similar experience. As we come to this unique once in a lifetime Pesach many people were struggling with making their first Pesach. Kedarkom B’Kodesh, the Jews stepped up to the task. Somehow, someway, every Jew got what they needed. And this comes from incredible organizations and individuals going above and beyond. This sense of unity is what makes me proud and grateful to be a Jew.

Also doing something like this for the first time. I realize, even if I got tremendous help, the amount of effort that goes into making a Yom Tov any year. Thank you Ima for all the Pesachs until now.

The second thing is a sense of “Hikdim refua l’maka”. Hopefully we have all been dealing with and perhaps even growing through these difficult times. But this “distraction” and true time of spiritual growth just feels so necessary. We will all celebrate Pesach. And for those of us in Chol, we will take 3 full days. 3 days where even in our situation we do our thing. I don’t know how it will solve our problems but it just feels so right.


That’s all I got.

P.S. (3am). So all this is on the micro level. Shabbos works out. Pesach works out. HASHEM! The Geula will work out too! Whether we are ready or not, when it comes we will be ready. So bring it on!

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