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Harold Ohayon
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Deafening Progressive Silence Exposes Reality

In a day and age where every social cause stirs intense emotion, it is quite curious that Afghanistan fails to rally the people to action. Representative Omar is known for dabbling in anti-Semitic tropes, warning people about the dangers of Israel and the influence of Jewish money. Representative Rashida Tlaib frequently makes hysterical, grandstanding speeches condemning Israel as being ‘racist’, wrenching her garments in the name of Palestine. And how can we forget Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has become a pop sensation over her antics and her unwavering support for her fellow ‘Squad’ members? And yet as Afghanistan falls to an utterly monstrous regime, these perpetual bleeding hearts remain silent. Why?

Many Progressives bend over backwards to try to shield these politicians from justified criticism. They scream sexism, Islamophobia, or racism as a means of deflecting attention away from their bombastic statements. We are told that we read too much into their bile, that they only care about humanity, and that we should focus on the issues. They uphold the Palestinian cause as a singular human rights catastrophe unparalleled in the world today. But these politicians and their ilk are quite selective in their umbrage, and their silence on what is happening in Afghanistan exposes them for the hypocrites they are. When these members of Congress lambast and slander Israel up and down the aisles in perpetuity, claiming to stand for dignity and humanity, they sit back silently as the people of Afghanistan fall into the clutches of a terrorist regime.

How many times have Representatives Omar and Tlaib howled against Israel? How many times have venomous slander flowed from their lips? How many times have their supporters rallied in the streets to condemn Israel? While all this happens, we are told that they only care about justice. We are told that they aren’t anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, just pro-human rights. The silence of these politicians and their apologists show that this talking point is an utter lie. They do not care about human rights, for if they did they would be horrified by what is happening in Afghanistan. They do not care about the rights and dignity of Muslims, for if they did they’d fight against the looming catastrophe that is falling upon the Afghan nation. Just as they ignore the plight of the Uyghurs in Chinese ‘re-education camps’, so too they now ignore the people of Afghanistan. Why? Because they don’t truly care about dignity, liberty, or justice. If they did they would equally care about the Muslims in Afghanistan and East Turkistan. No, their obsessive singular focus on the Palestine issue and their ignoring of far worse calamites show that they simply care about bashing Israel and condemning the only Jewish State in the world.

The next time Representatives Omar, Tlaib or Ocasio-Cortez take to the podium to indulge their sycophants with their childish tantrums, the sensible among us must turn the other way and tune them out. They are useful mouthpieces for anti-Semites and Israel haters, nothing more. Those that care about human rights should not listen to these demagogues, for their hypocrisy is now laid bare.

As Afghanistan falls, so too the masks of these false Progressive prophets.

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