Dear Bari Weiss

Since October 27, 2018, I’ve been in awe of you. I’m sure you’ve done incredible things before then, but that was when I, as a newly 18 year old Persian Jewish freshman in college, was first introduced to you and your writing.

At the New York Times, you spoke your truth and you represented our community with it.

Thank you for your powerful article on the tragic antisemitic shooting at your hometown synagogue, Pittsburgh’s “Tree of Life.”

Thank you for your transformative book “How to Fight Anti-Semitism, which I’ve listened to (the audio version) in the car on the way to school, quoted in many of my papers and previous articles, and is on the bookshelf above me as I write this.

Thank you for your engaging and inspiring keynote speech at the StandWithUs “Israel In Focus” International conference in January 2020.  I had the privilege of speaking right after you about my experience with antisemitism and why I say “never again.”   Thank you for speaking with me and signing the speech that I presented—which I also have on the bookshelf above me as I write this.

Thank you for representing the Persian Jewish community in your article during the beginning of the pandemic.

Thank you for all of the articles, talk show appearances and speeches you’ve given to unapologetically represent your identity and speak out against antisemitism in today’s partisan divide that occupies segments of our reality.

Thank you for being a connecting point for conversations on antisemitism that I have been able to have with my professors during office hours.

Thank you for saying enough is enough this week and for not being silent about your experiences with antisemitism at the New York Times.

Thank you for being you and sharing “you” with the world. And, thank you for inspiring me to share “me” with the world.


An inspired Person Jewish feminist and Zionist teen and leader

About the Author
Chloe Levian is a Jewish student leader at UCLA. She is the President of Bruins for Israel, the Campus Communications Coordinator for BIPAC, and on the Y&S Nazarian Israel Center Student Advisory Council. She is also the StandWithUs Alumni Network Liaison, a Hasbara Fellow, a Ronald S. Lauder Fellow, and a proud member of Iranian American Jews for Racial Justice. Chloe is passionate about Israel advocacy, combating antisemitism, and social justice.
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