Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Dear Bibi

On Wednesday Biden promoted a two-state solution. This sounds a lot like what the UN head said, that the Hamas attack didn’t happen in a vacuum. In other words, they are both saying that if Israel gives away land, this will be the solution.

So what do you say, Bibi? Would giving away land be a solution?

Israel gave away Gaza. Was that a solution to avoid bloodshed? Or was it a cause of bloodshed?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe said, that even talking about giving away land encourages terrorism, because terrorists think that there is something to gain. He said that the Prime Minister of Israel (at that time it was Shamir) needs to tell US leaders, and declare, that the rumor about Israel giving away land is false.

Bibi, we need to keep Gaza. We need to keep the West Bank. And we need to tell the world, that this is what we are going to do.

And this will protect Jewish lives, for generations to come.

In a phone call with you yesterday, Biden reportedly urged a pathway to a permanent peace. Tell him what the Rebbe said.

Peace does not come from giving away land. Just the opposite. Even rumors about giving land encourage terrorism.

When Bennett came into power, there was hardly any terrorism for six months. Why? Because he said clearly that Israel is not giving away any land.

And after six months, the wave of terrorism began. Why? Because Yossi Beilin proposed a new two-state plan, and Gantz and Lapid talked about giving away land.

So Bibi, who is right? Biden and the head of the UN, or the Lubavitcher Rebbe?

Did we learn anything from Hamas?

Hasn’t Hamas taught us, that Biden and the UN head are wrong? And the Lubavitcher Rebbe is right?

Bibi, you were very moved with your encounters with the Rebbe, Do you know why? It’s because you saw a true Jewish leader, who spoke wisely, who spoke the truth.

You were then, as Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, defending Israel. I read that the Rebbe referred to you then, in his correspondence with you, as a defender of Israel.

So Bibi, defend Israel now too. Please declare that Israel will not give away land, and that rumors about a two-state plan are false.

After Oslo, we gave away land. And the result was intifadas.

When Sharon was asked why he went against the Rebbe’s advice, and gave away land, he replied, that he wishes he had more faith in the Rebbe. Sharon gave away Gaza, and Hamas used it as a launching pad for violence, terrorism, and a severe breach of Israel’s territorial security.

Bibi, please listen to the Rebbe.

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