Dear God, on this the day of Israel’s independence

Dear God,

On this the day of Israel’s independence..

Bless your land and within it your treasures.
The places where our forefathers’ roamed.
Bless the soil and the hands of the farmers.
Open the heavens and allow the rain of sustenance to gracefully fall.

Bless the valiant defenders.
The soldiers, lions of zion.
Fill their hearts with courage, their hands with ability.
Protect the protectors night and day.
Rest your right hand on their shoulders, ease their load.
Shield their pathways on the ground, in the seas and across the skies.

Bless the memories of the fallen.
Comfort the mothers who have sacrificed their most precious possessions.
Bring strength to the fathers who cry silently inside.
These heroes live within the great victories and the promise of our future.

Bless the children and preserve their innocence.
They have been born into a land hard fought for.
Gaze your eyes on the treasures of our people, the hidden gems.
Polish their talents and allow them to shine bright, the nation will rejoice in their success.
May their small footsteps turn into giant strides, their hands skilled with craftsmanship.

Bless the innovators, their ability to change the world for the good.
To bring the solutions searched by humanity.
The musicians whose sounds are woven into the fabric of society.
The mystics and spiritual seekers, allow their prayers to soar heaven high.

Bless the marketplace, may its stalls overflow with sweet produce.
Fill its pathways with splendid aromas and the fine tastes of old and new.
Let the people roam its paths peacefully with the means to buy and provide.
And the honest merchants to bring joy and content to the folk that are in need.

Bless all of Israel’s places, the land and the lakes, the desserts and the valleys.
Bring delight to the great city of gold, Jerusalem.
Illuminate her beauty with grace.
May the cities buzz with the spirited sound of youth.
And the adored footsteps of the elders.

Dear God, open your arms and embrace your land.
The place of promise, your unbreakable seal remains entwined eternally.
Creator, land and people. A harmonic union in pursuit of peace.
For it all, dear God, thank you.

About the Author
Daniel has held various roles in Jewish organizations and, in between, pursues entrepreneurial and creative interests. He believes deeply in Jewish peoplehood.
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