Dear Ivanka

You are the daughter of the most powerful man in America. A man who has given us his word to “Make America Great Again.” Yet since being elected there has been an insurmountable cost to making America great. On a social level, it appears that your father has “Made America Hate Again.”

This past shabbat our tribe experienced a direct hit to the jugular vein. Your father’s response to the cold-blooded murders inside of the Tree of Life Synagogue: to arm our places of worship.

What is yours?

From one Jewish mother to another I appeal to you to use all the powers bestowed upon you to guide us through this darkest hour with ruthless grace and light.  If anyone can help us make America great by “Making America Love Again” it is you, Ivanka.

When you joined our nation, you took on the name Yael, after the biblical heroine who redeemed Israel. Yael risked her life when the future of the Jewish people was as stake to ameliorate the threat of General Sisera. Yael, the pendulum of our great nation has swung so far into hate that it is seemingly beyond repair. Be the one who can help us to manoeuvre this pendulum back towards love.

The time is now for you to find and unleash your voice for this Tikkun Olam.

Nomen Omen is Latin for ‘your name is your fate.’ Reveal yourself as this force and work to transform and heal the General Sisera sized threat of today- the destructive hate of the other- to redeem our tribe, our nation and our collective spiritual integrity.

V’ahavta lereacha kamocha,


About the Author
Michalya Schonwald Moss is an impact consultant and the Regional Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East for Tendrel, a global professional organization connecting high impact social entrepreneurs and social business leaders. Originally from the United States and Israel, Michalya has spent the last decade living in Johannesburg. Michalya is on the board of directors for the Mensch Network and Cadena South Africa.