Decision Day

I had never heard of Decision Day until my son explained it to me. Decision Day is the day that high school seniors show up to school wearing the shirt of the university they plan on attending the upcoming September.

At my son’s public school, I’m sure the halls will be filled with kids wearing shirts from all the big name, prestigious colleges. Those same students will also be wearing expressions of relief. All that hard work will have paid off. On Decision Day, the pressure will be over and decisions made. I’m sure that every one of my son’s classmates will have been accepted into a slew of wonderful schools. They and their parents have every right to be proud.

Now, let’s just put it out there. My son was accepted into several incredible schools. I smiled as I saw him read (and reread) the acceptance letters. My husband and I let him know that we are proud of him. That’s the truth. Of course we are. We remember his first day of kindergarten, all the school plays, the science fairs, tests, field trips, all his terrific friends. This is the moment that he worked for all those years.

But my son’s Decision Day will be nothing like his friends’, and frankly he’s not sure what shirt to wear. You see, just the other day, my son received his acceptance letters from Nefesh B’Nefesh and Keshet Yehuda, the pre-IDF mechina that he will be attending. Obviously, we are proud.

He is going home. This is what we raised him to do, but the choice has always been his. I ask him all the time if he’s excited, and he replies by looking at me as if I just asked him the most ridiculous question. “Of course I’m excited,” he always says. Although I’m sure he’s nervous too.

He and I recently came back from Israel. We visited the mechina he’ll be attending. We hung in Tel Aviv. We wandered the streets of Jerusalem. He saw the country, visited his friends, had a great time. Everything is in place for him to move there come August.

The only decision left to be made is what shirt he’ll wear on Decision Day. Does anyone know if there are any Nefesh B’Nefesh t-shirts?

About the Author
Elisa Subin is Director of Operations at a software company and mom of two who lives in Maryland. Juggling kids, work, family, religious observance, and more is what keeps her days busy and her mind occupied. Coffee is what keeps her sane.