Deep Thoughts from a Jewish Woman with a BIG NOSE: Macklemore Needs a Lesson in Anti-Semitic Caricatures

This is how I feel about Macklemore‘s NOT JEWISH COSTUME: Do I think most people THINK that Jews actually look like that? Maybe some do- and maybe some don’t. The problem is that his “COSTUME” is a pretty ACCURATE depiction of how JEWS were portrayed in the Dark Ages and HOW THEY ARE CONTINUALLY portrayed in classic hate propaganda. I also think that because he was wearing an oversized nose, bowl-cut wig and chasidic-looking beard attached to his face, during a song called ” THRIFT STORE” that just adds fuel to the fire– feels like too many “COINCIDENCES converging.

I am the first person to admit that comedy is what has sustained so many of us through tragedy and that we are all subject to stereotypes that are specific to our religion and or race. Maybe this instance just rubbed me the wrong way because Macklemore is all about preaching against injustices wrought against gays- that I expected a bit more sensitivity from him and not to basically DRESS UP IN JEWISH BLACK FACE.

I am also a proud Jewish woman with a big nose. I chose not to have rhinoplasty specifically because I am not ashamed of my ancestors and I have no desire to HIDE the genes in my blood. Not that I begrudge any of my Jewish brethen for choosing surgery of any kind. It is a very personal choice.That being said-whether it was random or not on  the part of Macklemore I am sensitive to his COSTUME choice because there is a historical reason to be so, and not because I’m looking to find a reason to write a blog post on The Times of Israel.

These caricatures also do nothing but continue to propagate the virulent anti-semitism that flourishes in our modern day society- and as a BIG NOSED JEWISH WOMAN I think he needs to; study up, say he is sorry and PLANT A TREE IN ISRAEL.


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