Rachel Grenadier
Rachel Grenadier

Defending the Indefensible

It seemed a good idea over one-and-one-half years ago to give Donald Trump the nod to run for the highest office in the land. I am sure the Republican party wonks thought he would just lose a few states and go away. Placating Donald Trump has led to him being named the standard-bearer for the entire Republican party. The Republican National Committee would like to take that endorsement back; but here is the funny thing about encouraging sociopaths– they always rise to the challenge, scaring everyone away on their way to the top. Now we have the spectacle of seeing Republicans having the temerity to act surprised when Trump goes off the reservation and offends millions of registered voters in the process. My message to the Republicans is twofold: sorry, boys, but you don’t get to call off your attack dog Trump while he is still frothing at the mouth. And you don’t get to come around afterwards and try to “explain away” his offensive comments and actions. It is time to own your creation and then as promptly as you can, get rid of him before the American electoral ship sinks and takes you all, sans lifejackets, with him.

Frankly, I have never seen the likes of a candidate for the most important office in America insulting so many diverse Americans, from Hispanics and African Americans, to women, to the still-grieving Gold Star parents of a combat soldier killed in the line of duty in Iraq. Ever since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have tried to portray themselves as the “more patriotic” of the two main political parties in the U.S. and thus, presumably, more capable of keeping America safe. Anyone with a functioning brain can now see this claim for what it is—true bunk. Using the military is a surefire way to get votes. Abusing the military will cost someone an election. George Bush was able to manipulate a gullible electorate into believing that he alone could protect us from terror attacks while pointedly insulting a true war hero and veteran, John Kerry.

It is a good thing that Israelis don’t act this way when casting their votes; but then again, Israelis know more about fighting terror than the Americans ever will. I can’t imagine any candidate to become Rosh haMemshalah ever standing in front of a roomful of prospective Israeli voters and claiming that he “heard somewhere” that Hezbollah had nuclear weapons in order to instill fear and inflame the electorate in order to win elections. But then again, and whether you like the Prime Minister or not, at least we can say with some degree of certainty that he is not hearing voices, much less paying heed to them. No one can say this about Donald Trump. In general, when someone is making a statement and has no facts at their disposal, but instead, states that they “heard it somewhere” this means they are making the entire claim up. No one on the Republican side is fact-checking their own candidate, but many current and former members of the Republican party elite have written to say that they disown Trump’s more outrageous claims. Yesterday, Donald Trump stated that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “created” ISIS. Tomorrow, he will re-write history to suit his audience.

Any time he is called upon to clarify his odious remarks, Trump falls back on his “I heard it somewhere” line of defense or he says that things were attributed to him that he never said. When video clips are produced and played for him which show he is clearly lying, he simply says his comments were taken “out of context.” Everyone has watched his recent attempt at levity by encouraging “Second Amendment” types to target Hillary Clinton for assassination. Astonishingly enough, even a scolding by the Secret Service did not temper his remarks or make him own up to his incitement to murder.

What is apparent is that the Republican party must disown Donald Trump– not just his words– and then they must put forth a serious candidate for the Oval Office, otherwise they will be riding their elephant into the sunset. They might want to commence an apology tour, as well. Out of the millions of Americans, surely they could have produced one serious candidate for President who does not hold so many fellow citizens in contempt.

About the Author
Rachel Grenadier was an olah from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2003 who returned to the United States in 2015. She really wanted to stay in Israel, but decided that having family members nearby was better for her health than a bunch of devoted, but crazed, Israeli friends who kept telling her hummous would cure her terminal heart condition. She has her B.A. and M.A. from George Mason University in Virginia and is the author of two books: the autobiographical "Israeli Men and Other Disasters" and "Kishon: The Story of Israel's Naval Commandoes and their Fight for Justice". She is now living in Virginia with her three Israeli psychologically-challenged cats and yet, denies being a "hoarder".