Delegitimising The UN

In 1948, the actions of the Arab League in launching a war of extermination of the Jewish State saw the creation of two sets of refugees in the Middle East: the Arabs in Israel who fled, and Jewish refugees ethnically cleansed from those same Arab states, as a reprisal for the recreation of the modern state of Israel.

As such, the Foreign Ministry in Israel recently announced that it is launching a diplomatic campaign to highlight the role of the Arab League in a bid to push for reparations for the Jewish refugees from those lands.

At last, I thought to myself, it seems someone in the Israeli government has woken up to the fact that this battle isn’t just about terrorism and repeating the line to the international community, ad nauseum, that ‘Israel is committed to peace’. At last, our government is engaging in a hasbara (explanation) counter-attack against the lies and putting the other side of the story out there, showing that it wasn’t only some Arabs who became displaced; countering the widely disseminated myth that Jews simply marched into Mandate Palestine and kicked out all the Arabs.

But then I had second thoughts. Surely reparations aren’t the real reason? Surely there can’t really be a financial motive behind this diplomatic campaign? The same Arab countries and sponsors of terrorists that have refused to recognise a Jewish State, have also refused everything they asked for in negotiations because that would mean recognition of the Jewish State; they assassinated Anwar Sadat, not for making peace with us, but for recognising the Jewish State by his actions. The same Palestinian refugees were also forbidden by the PLO from accepting compensation from Israel (during the ‘60s) because it would have meant recognition (it would’ve meant those refugees signing the State of Israel’s official documents, tantamount to recognition). And the same terrorists, under a new name of the PA, also refused more than 90% of the territories they requested as part of negotiations because they weren’t prepared to recognise the Jewish State and its right to exist.

So I went back to my original thought, if the aim of the government’s strategy is to use the claim of reparations as a cover story for highlighting the role of the Arab dictatorships in the history of this war against us, the Jewish people in Israel, then why only highlight the Arab League?

The UN has not only set up an entirely separate body to deal with the Palestinians, UNWRA (which is well known to employ members of Hamas), the UN has also sought to change the definition of what constitutes a Palestinian refugee, in order to expand the conflict, not solve it. The unique UNWRA definition for a ‘Palestinian’ refugee is that one only needed to have lived in British Mandate Palestine for 2 years prior to the 1948 war.

However, in addition to the above, is something else unique to this sordid mess, that the descendants of those original Arab refugees inherit the same legal refugee status. So instead of the refugees eventually decreasing, this number has expanded to many millions. This is like claiming that the children of Holocaust survivors also inherit the status of Holocaust survivors. There can only be one reason for this bizarre definition of a ‘palestinian‘ refugee and that is not in order to solve the problem but to expand it and pressure Israel to yield to unreasonable demands.

If a ‘refugee’ is only required to have lived in British Mandate Palestine 2 years prior to 1948, then this conveniently side-steps one of the most contentious claims during WWII (which of course ended in 1945), that the British turned a blind eye to Arab immigration into Palestine during the war. Technically then, no proof of land ownership by anyone is required, except Jews.

On average, the UN has been able to fulfil the human rights of refugees within 3 years. With the UNHCR’s definition of a refugee, refugees are settled within a year. Obviously, Israel has just passed its 64th Birthday with no end in sight to this problem. It is not just the Arab League’s poor decisions which need to be made public, but the UN giving legitimacy and a seal of approval to what essentially constitutes aiding and abetting a war against Israel, transforming its appearance from an unjust war of extermination to what looks like a humanitarian plight which can only be solved with the destruction of the State of Israel. And for as long as UNWRA continues to exist, so will this conflict.

I know I’m not the first to write about this, but the taboo topic no one wants to talk about is the fact that as solutions to conflict since the end of WWII, people have been moved and resettled elsewhere. Germans, Vietnamese etc. have had their rights fulfilled by being resettled away from conflict zones.

A so-called peace agreement, or the creation of a Palestinian state, is not realistic, nor would it be peaceful. A Palestinian state would quickly become an Iranian, Saudi or Turkish terror proxy yet again making this conflict worse as the Arab League’s plans to destroy Israel advance one more step. The only solution is to have all or some of the 21 Arab nations absorb these ‘Palestinian’ refugees, in the same way Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

Pressure must be brought upon these Arab state’s actions whose deeds, from the very beginning, has been criminal. They have not only held a few million Arabs and Jews hostage as canon fodder against each other, but also held the entire Western world for ransom for proportedly supporting the only Jewish State in the world. Lastly and most importantly, this has all been given a false seal of legitimacy, happening under the guise of a UN body, UNWRA.

This conflict must be stopped, and the first step is exposing the actions of the Arab League via UNWRA.