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Delicious Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles
It is summer and it is HOT and your children just want to eat ice cream, day AND night. Heck, even you just want to eat ice cream day and night.

These fruity, no sugar added AND parve ice lollies might just be the treat that you have been looking for. The fact that they do not contain any dairy products makes them ideal for vegans, the lactose intolerant  and shomrei kashrut.

I know that I called them popsicles and not ice lollies in the heading, but as an ex-South African it is not easy to speak American all the time. It is however, very easy to make these sweet treats. 🙂

Three or more different types of summer fruit. In the photo, I have used watermelon, grapes, mint and melon. The mint leaves are not really necessary but I like its fresh taste.
Natural (non-sweetend) almond butter
A cheap plactic container for making ice lollies, glasses are also fine to use
Ice lolly sticks which can be bought at any craft shop

1. Mash about 3 slices of watermelon with a fork or blitz them in a food processor. Spoon the pulp into the containers and place in the freezer until frozen.

2. Wash about ten mint leaves very well and blitz in a fruit processor together with a washed, small bunch of seedless grapes.

3. Spoon the grape mixture over the frozen watermelon in the ice lolly containers and put a stick in each of the containers.

4. Place again in the freezer to freeze but after about an half an hour straighten the popsicles sticks so that they will not freeze skew in the containers. After half an hour, the grape mixture has frozen enough so that the sticks can be stood straight and will not fall to the sides anymore.

5. Cut about 2 slices of melon into small cubes and blitz, together with 2 spoons of natural almond butter, in a food processor. The almond butter can be left out, but it gives the ice lollies a lovely creamy texture which my children really enjoyed.

6. Spoon the melon mixture over the frozen grape mixture in the containers and freeze.

7. Take out of the freezer and enjoy!










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I was born in South Africa and have been living in Israel since 1996 in the picturesque town of Zichron Yaakov with my husband and two daughters. I love to write, take photographs and now front-end development is my latest passion.
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