‘Not in our Stars but in Ourselves’

‘Haniyeh calls for ‘popular uprising’ in the West Bank’                                 Times of Israel  Oct 19, 2013

Here we have what is yet another symptom of that same eternal triangle, the one in which PEACE, SECURITY and LAND still contend for dominance in a dispute raging on across almost all of seven decades

Each ‘vector’ vies with the other two to come out on top, the result being that none has ever been able to do so. Thus it is that the situation between Palestinians and Israelis remains locked in bitter conflict to this very day. The struggle is always against forces, fears and ambitions far too strong for human intervention to cope with in any meaningful manner.

But, if all three components of this ‘triangle’ are ever to be fully reconciled, then some means must be secured whereby complete integration of their conflicting natures is obtained, a construct in which a harmony of purpose rather than a battle for supremacy becomes the deciding factor.

For such a perfect alignment to occur, the need for a ‘popular uprising,’ only this time on a worldwide basis,  may now be the one and only course left open to a concerned humanity..


If the twin stars of both Arab and Jewish destinies are ever to ride the heavens together, then something of this nature will be required if that ride is not to end in a cataclysm, one much to everyone’s eternal regret.


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