Democratic Nations and Why Israel’s Democracy Matters

Democracy is one of the oldest forms of government in recorded history. It dates back to ancient Greece, and has always given the people some degree of control over their governments. When democratic institutions are removed, governments control the people.

No democratic nation has ever gone to war against another democratic nation. There have been clashes, such as Athens and Syracuse, but it has never led to war. Democratic nations must convince their electorate of the need for war, unlike those without democratic underpinnings who can choose warfare with little need of public support.

Since no democratic nation has ever gone to war against another democratic nation, than why should there not be pressure brought on those countries who are not democratic? Israel is the only democracy in the region and the only successful state. They are surrounded by countries run by dictators who declare war whenever it suits them.

Israel has been a stable democracy for over fifty years and that stability should be something to be celebrated, but with all things Israel, Jewish hatred prohibits far too many to recognize the wonder that is Israel. They are the only stable democracy in a region surrounded by nations who brutalize their own people on a daily basis.

Some will point to Iraq as being a democratic nation who attacked Israel, another democratic nation, in 1948, but Israel had yet to establish a stable government of any kind. The newly formed nation was attacked as soon as the British left. Iraq did not attack Israel again until 1967, almost a decade following the coup that had removed democracy from the Iraqi people.

Iraq is moving towards a stable democracy, provided the democratic underpinnings remain in place. Peaceful demonstrations have been held to call into account voting irregularities that favored those in power. Those demonstrators have been met with force, but they have not gone quietly into the night. They continue to protest to this day with the knowledge of voter fraud was used in the last election.

From 1921 – 1958, Iraq was a democratic monarchy. The military coup that brought an end to democracy resulted in the people suffering greatly. In 1979, Saddam Hussein came to power and the suffering became far worse for the Iraqi people.

If Iraq can return to the point of having a stable democracy, they will be the second country in the region to be a successful state. The people of Iraq want to be free of Iranian influence and it leaves the current government a choice. Accept the will of the people or crush the people through the removal of any democratic underpinning that currently exist.

If more democracies will inevitably lead to fewer wars, then why are there those who are critical of Israel as a democratic nation? There are two mindsets at work. The first are those who hate Jews and hate Israel for no other reason than it is a Jewish state; the other are those who hate democracies in any form.

There have been countless works written as to the core of the first group is nothing more than hatred of Jews. They are hypercritical of Israel and only Israel. They do not have the same level of hatred towards any other country, regardless of democratic underpinnings.

The world is filled with people and groups who want nothing more than the destruction of Israel. They demand Israel negotiate with Iranian backed terrorists and give Iran a puppet state from which to launch a fatal blow against every Jew in the region. Their hatred of the Jews is blinding and do not see them as human beings.

The second group are those who live in democratic nations who hate democracy. They demand Israel give up land, not for the sake of weakening a Jewish state, but for the sake of weakening a democratic state. Their hatred of democracy is every bit as blinding as those who hate Jews.

They do not care that democracies have been more peaceful than dictatorships, since they believe governments, all governments, should be without limits. There is a desire to move towards a global governance through any means necessary and do not value truth. The ends justify the means and it does not matter how many suffer and perish along the way. All that matters is the continual push towards their utopian goals.

Their worldview is that only through a singular government with absolute power can bring about their utopian society. They believe communism can work, if given enough time and see every democracy as a threat to their goal. There is a greater hatred of the United State due to the defeat of the Soviet Union, but all democracies are hated to some degree.

Utopia is Greek for no land and the words should carry weight. That is the perfect definition for utopian ideas. No nation can ever exist that is perfect, since people are not perfect and never will be. We are all greatly flawed and will continue to exist with flaws.

Every time democratic underpinnings have been removed, the countries in question always end up under an oppressive government. Power corrupts every time, but communists are unable to see the world as it is. They are obsessed with how they believe the world could be. Human nature is unchanging, and they are too emotionally attached to a dream to see the bitter truth of their desires.

Dictatorships, in whatever they name they are given, will always abuse the people. Democracy is the only thing keeping governments at bay and must be encouraged to exist in all nations. Greater suffering always occurs when democracy is lost and not one single country in all of history can be pointed to as an exception to the rule.

Israel’s democracy matters in a world with too few democracies. They are a shining light to the world that democracy, though flawed, does work better than any other form of government in all of history. The Israelis, Jewish, Christian and Muslims alike, enjoy freedoms that every one of their neighbors denies their own people.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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