Democrats and Democracy — Could It Be Again?

The United States long great known for its principles of democracy, freedom, and human rights is changing.  And unfortunately, right now, it hasn’t been for the better.

The polarization, opposition, racism, and hatred is despicable and seems to only be getting worse.  Two more people came to me today after synagogue to tell me they are “resigning” from the democratic party.  We all used to love the Democratic Party and what it stood for, especially as Jews, who know the endless and murderous barbs of discrimination and anti-Semitism.

What has happened?  What once stood for freedom, respect, and dignity for all has turned upside down and inside out.  All I hear now is hate, hate, and more hate.

Calls to “resist” seem more like calls to ratchet up the hate.  Rants of “incivility” are more like incitement to threats and violence. Rallies and protests have become excuses to yell, curse, burn, and vandalize.  Instead of freedom of expression there is now doing everything to silence the opposition and by whatever means it takes.  Antifa marches on a newscaster’s home painting graffiti on their driveway and banging on their doors and its understandable. Shooting congressman at baseball games is now nothing to be shocked about.  Chasing officials from restaurants is doing the right thing. Attacking nominees to the Supreme Court with unsubstantiated claims is now being claimed as #MeToo. Associating with hate-mongers from the Muslim Brotherhood is considered reaching out and acceptance.  Removing sanctions and befriending our enemies (i.e. Iran) and calling for Boycott, Divestiture, and Sanctions (BDS) on our friends and allies like (i.e. Israel) is the incredibly warped thinking of those turning into the “Axis of Evil” instead of defeating them.  Using witches and Satanic worship and rituals to curse the President and other officials is treated as just another prayer session around the bonfire.  Certainly, this doesn’t mean that when the other party doesn’t firmly and unequivocally denounce and go after the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists that they are doing the right thing–they aren’t and we need to be aware and be vigilant!

I am a firm believer in civil rights, human rights, and doing right… But the party that once could claim the extreme upper hand in these area has been going off the rails.  Who knows–maybe they have the right intention, but in many cases, they aren’t doing the right things.

We’d all like Democra-ts to represent Democra-cy, but not just use the guise of it to freewheel and do the opposite. Hopefully, good people can still bring things back from the brink of the anarchists, socialists, and satanists. What was once a party of good politics needs the leadership to say and do the right things again. May the best party win–and I mean that–but that also means whichever really becomes and behaves as the best party and not just lays claim to it.  😉

(Photo Credit: Andy Blumenthal)

About the Author
Andy Blumenthal is business and technology leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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