S Ovwata Onojieruo

Democrats dangerous trajectory

Doomsday in politics begins when the battle switches over from an ideological conflict into a physical combat, and that exactly is the circumstantial event surrounding the most recent feud between Former President Barack Obama, and Donald J Trump.

Lunching fully into the campaign train for the democratic party, in a technically indirect manner; Barack Obama seem to have characterized Trump and his voters as being American’s fundamental problem, with his most recent speeches; which fully is a diaster in itself owing to the fact that the over 63 million Americans who voted in Donald Trump have remained stunchly in support of the president’s own policies.

In the political sphere, interests are alway conflictual, ideologies at war and changes forever permanent. The nature of the political terrain heavily influences the decision of voters. Thus creating a hostile terrain rather lunches out numerous unintended consequences which in the longrun, negates the tenats upon which democracy is built. An ideological battle is never won by vilifying a political opponent (as this only tends to solidify the base of such opponent;and futher escalate tensions), but rather by attacking headlong the ideology of such support base and showing how more moderate policies and favourable promises are much more beneficial for the state.

The spate of political conflicts surrounding the upcoming midterm elections especially the most recent actions of the Democratic party, have only served to raise more sympathy for president Donald Trump and solidify his base, as well as the populist ideas upon which his rise was hinged. These extreme conflicts, such as the incessant bashing by the liberal media, and their glorification of all forms of leaks trying to portray a nation in turmoil, The Maxine Waters admonition to confrontational protests, as well as the continious leaks which have always drawn the democrats praise and support, are a cause for grave concern. Futhermore the most recent quest by former members of the intelligence agencies most especially CIA to fully swerve headlong into active politics in the name of protecting the country from (in their view) an undemocratic president, only serves to fuel the truism of the ideas Trump had raised, which simply put is ” I am an outsider running a deep state bureaucratic system, which only fights to keep me out of the reforms i intend to implement.”

obviously, ideological battles are won much more easily when the oppossing factions adopts a more central stand by peacefully taking off the concrete ideological points of the opponent and laying out the faults thereof, yet still never ceasing to render praise when due, but by taking the blows, the status of an accuser begins to get completely eradicated.

However, as the political enviroment gets heated, and the democrats yearning to meet fire with fire, when weighed against the underlying principles of ideological preparedness. Could it be, that they are grieviously mistaken?

About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian, Political Scientist and Philosopher, whose Research interest spans across the areas of Legal theory, Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, International Politics and International Relations theory. He currently functions as a Post-graduate Researcher, and Tutorial assistant with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS