Stephen I. Siller

Desperate people do and say desperate things

Democrats are doing and saying desperate things because they know Biden’s abysmal debate performance and Mrs. President’s baby talk afterwards cannot be fixed. Biden dropped a presidential bid in 1987 due to his lies and plagiarism that 37 years later have morphed into not having the cognition to know his performance was bad or that his image cannot be rehabilitated. Biden’s teleprompter propaganda may delay his presidential exit by an election loss or by stepping down. While my opinion is Doctor Jill and Hunter “the smartest man I know” Biden will not let Biden step down before Election Day, at least not yet, Biden or Harris remaining in office to January 20, 2025, will continue to result in disasters for Israel and Diaspora Jews, as well as America. The question is not what Biden and the Democrats will do, but what won’t they do to retain power.

President Trump said during the debate that Biden’s Israel policy was not to allow Israel to finish the job in Gaza, and Biden was like a weak and bad Palestinian. Notable incidents contemporaneous with the debate include (1) Biden’s failure to criticize or punish Turkey for refusing to refuel or disembark an El Al plane making an unscheduled stop in Turkey for an ill passenger, and (2) Blinken telling us that Israel lost sovereignty in Israel’s north without telling us the solution is to eliminate Hezbollah in Israel’s north.

Post-debate US Supreme Court rulings rained on Biden’s lawfare against President Trump. The Supreme Court dissent by “Sotomayor and Jackson addressed the question of whether a president would have immunity from criminal prosecution for acts of murder — including ordering the assassination of a political rival.” The dissenters missed Biden’s lawfare against President Trump and NY Times Columnist John McWhorter’s repeated statements that he “Wants Trump Dead.”

Democrat lawfare was designed to cost President Trump hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees and fines, something Biden mentioned in the debate, to paste the label “convicted felon” on 45, to lock up 45 to prevent him from campaigning, and to give 45 another label such as “Inmate Trump.” The Biden debate debacle and the opinions of the US Supreme Court are now interfering in that lawfare.

The New York criminal sentencing day for President Trump was just changed from July 11 to September 18, 2024. That long delay is ostensibly so the Court can consider if the US Supreme Court immunity decision affects the NY criminal case. The reality is the Democrats need that time to figure out whether:

  1. To incarcerate President Trump in the final months of the 2024 campaign, unless that will hurt Biden and the Democrats more than hurting President Trump;
  2. Not to imprison President Trump to create the illusion that Democrats are not evil;
  3. To continue the NY Court’s “Gag Order” to create risk for 45 to be locked up for violating it; or
  4. To impose a ginormous monetary fine to further hit President Trump in his wallet and allow Democrats to continue to call him a “convicted felon”;
  5. To declare a mistrial due to evidence being deemed inadmissible, and scheduling a new trial to keep 45 inside a courtroom during the last two months of the campaign;
  6. To have the New York Democrat Governor pardon President Trump to create the illusion that Democrats are not evil, a pardon Trump will likely reject;
  7. To do the unthinkable JFK-like takeout of President Trump as the US Supreme Court dissenters contemplate and the NY Times columnist wants; or
  8. To do the unthinkable JFK-like takeout of President Biden.

While the Democrats figure out what to do, and while they screamed during the Trump trial that no one can criticize the New York Judge, Biden and his Democrats will continue to viciously attack six Supreme Court Justices and ignore the Court’s rulings to create a diversionary issue away from Biden’s failures domestically and internationally. Biden’s debate performance and wandering performance at the G7 meeting embolden America’s and Israel’s enemies who know they have between now and January 20, 2025 to do even more damage to America and Israel.

Biden and his Democrats, including DNA Jews-In-Name-Only (JINOs) like Garland, Mayorkas, Blinken, Schumer and Schiff, will continue to delay weapons deliveries to Israel, the pro-Hamas demonstrations and attacks on American Jews will continue unabated and unpunished, and Iran will continue its march towards a deliverable nuke. The Biden Regime and the JINOs will not stop meddling in Israel’s internal affairs or hindering Israel’s ability to wipe out Hamas. Biden and Harris will continue to attack anyone they see as an ally of President Trump, including PM Netanyahu. That Harris is married to a DNA JINO is of no consequence, especially given Ella Emhoff’s pro-Hamas activities.

America’s 248th birthday celebration July 4, 2024, will be marred by American and Israeli hostages still in Gaza captivity; by threats against US military installations in Europe; by Houthis firing at will and with impunity on US and international shipping; by Iran marching as rapidly as possible to a deliverable nuke; by Russian naval ships in Cuba; by Chinese installations in Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Bahamas; and by some twenty million illegals now in the US via our non-existent southern border, with some illegals likely being saboteurs. Exacerbating all of that are the pro-Hamas demonstrations and attacks on Jews, with some of those Jihadis mixing with the Pride crowd in New York City. The melding of BLM, Antifa, the illegals, and the pro-Hamas crowd is coming.

In Israel, Hezbollah continues its rocket attacks as does Hamas. The US pier in Gaza is a $230 million metal sculpture. Biden’s Israel foreign policy prevented Israel from dealing with Gaza the correct way by isolating and encircling Gaza, starting with cutting off the southern tunnels to and from Egypt. Biden’s Generals told him that his Afghanistan exit plan was bad and Biden did not care, telling his Generals that he was the Commander-in-Chief, not them. Disaster followed for America. Biden could not win any war unless the enemy surrendered. Biden and his DNA JINOs continue to tell us Palestinians deserve their own state in a two-state “solution” that would only lead to more disasters for Israel.

Biden is desperate for some kind of foreign policy “win.” Will we see a Wag the Dog event in the next few months? Will BLM, Antifa, illegals and the pro-Hamas thugs riot like in 2020? Will we see a false flag attack inside or outside the US such as in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy which involved an 007-foiled false flag rogue Russian general’s nuclear bomb primed to explode at a West German US military base? The US has had its share of false flag plans, such as Operation Northwoods and probably the September 2022 Nordstream pipeline explosion which some have called a false flag operation by the US.

Biden, Doctor Jill, and JINO and other Democrats are desperate, and desperate people do and say desperate things. President Trump is right in saying this November is the most important election in our lifetimes. For America. And for Israel.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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