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Diaspora Jews need to reclaim the streets

It’s time for each diaspora Jew to resist.

Today Feb 14 2024 the Algemeiner reports that 78% of US Jews feel less safe since October 7 and the Times quotes CST figures that some 80% of UK Jews feel the same.

Jews worldwide are the target of Hamas’s genocidal threats set out explicitly in their charter.

What we are feeling is the result of Hamas’s psychological warfare. It has eroded my feeling of being at home in the UK so much that I feel safer in my other home Israel, even during this war with Hamas and the looming and greater threat of Hezbollah.

I don’t want to return to the UK but there’s a job to do and it’s not just mine; it’s one that around 80 percent of us in the diaspora have to undertake. We have to reclaim our confidence and it starts with the cities. We don’t need to confront the haters but let’s put on big boots, hold our heads high, get on public transport, go to the theater, the pub, a restaurant on any day or evening we choose. We might feel the fear but the more we practice being confident the better we’ll get and we won’t feel so exposed. We can join together physically but it’s not necessary because we can encourage each other with words.

Crucially we each need to step up our efforts to bring the authorities to account for their absence. They give us words and promises but they’re ineffectual. Perhaps part of the reason for that is their own fear because they too are being subjected to Hamas’s psychological warfare.

We need to tell those responsible for our well being that we’re fed up with words and want action now. We need to let them see that we’re angry at being fobbed off. In ‘Pax’ historian Tom Holland writing about how we gave the Romans so much trouble comments that we Judeans punched above our weight. We must continue to do so. We don’t have to wait for the sluggish establishment. We have to wake up to our victimization and refuse to allow it to continue. We need to help ourselves and each other. These worldwide displays are orchestrated by Hamas and Jihad movements who have learned well from their Nazi past and years of Soviet antisemitism combined with their own.

Whether they know it or not those who make our streets feel unsafe are Hamas agents, acting to undermine us with psychological warfare and these disturbing statistics prove they’re winning.

Let’s start right now and each help one another to regain our mental equilibrium.

Illegitimi non carborundum

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Judith Ornstein is UK and Israel based. She is a passionate supporter of the arts, who combats the cultural boycott of Israel. Judith is the instigator of both the ‘Whitewashed’ and ‘Forced Out’ projects, books and films using primary evidence from witnesses to expose Labour's problems with Jews. Whitewashed book and film, and valuable links can be found at Forced Out Links film and book Companion film here:
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