Yitzhak Irving Kalet

Dictatorship is here and now

For the past few months, hundreds of thousands of Israelis of all ages and all backgrounds have been protesting the proposed judicial changes in the Israeli governmental system.

I, along with many members of my family, have been participating in these weekly demonstrations against the changes mentioned above. Anyone familiar with the demonstrations knows that two of the most popular words “screamed” by the demonstrators have been “democracy” and “dictator”.

I have heard many people, including Premier Netanyahu, say that we are exaggerating.

Until a few days ago, I believed that we were talking about the future-if the proposed laws are implemented.

A few days ago everything changed, at least for me. I realized that we are talking about the present and not the future!

A few days ago, Bibi’s interview blitz in the United States began. Of course, he has not been interviewed in Israel for months. Why? A very good question!

In his interview with CNN when the Premier of the State of Israel, Premier Netanyahu, was asked if he would accept a negative decision against the new so-called “overhaul law”, he did not say, “Of course I will!”

Instead, his answer included the following:

“That’s the kind of spiral that you’re talking about, and I hope we don’t get to that.”

The Premier’s office tried to clear up that statement in a way that still was not a definite positive answer. This was followed later on, by some kind of double answer, equivalent to yes but only if the “Supreme Court plays according to my rules”, concerning basic laws in Israel.

Then yesterday in another interview on the NBC Network, when asked the same question, he essentially gave the same answer-again not a definite yes!

The Premier of Israel would not and will not commit to following the law of the land as it still is- right now!

This is simply the beginning of dictatorship here in Israel. He does not need the new laws he had already decided who rules this country!!!

If it is the Premier who decides whether rulings of the Supreme Court are legal or not, what kind of democracy will exist in our country, Israel? This is dictatorship-plain and simple- and it is beginning right now!

About the Author
Yitzhak was born in the Bronx in 1941 and made aliyah in 1970. His family and grandchildren live in Israel as well. He teaches electrical engineering at Ariel University and Columbia University. He ran for the knesset in 1984 with Lova Eliav. Yitzhak currently does not belong to any political party.