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Did Bernie Sanders kill the American Jewish Democratic vote?

I have not written for a while. Normally I write better when I’m irked. I had another word in mind but it was not polite. I have very little patience with intentional ignorance. Unfortunately, it’s the current trend. Let’s not judge. Let’s not “interpret” lest we judge. A political exercise in word manipulation to disguise the truth. A political spin to suit the whims of the mindless. It’s the new definition of “progressive”. The current “progressive” guru, Bernie Sanders, says that he is not a communist, he is a Scandinavian socialist, whatever that is supposed to mean.

But my rant is not about Bernie’s colorful socialism. It’s not even about his pulpit thumping Khrushchev-like loud rallies and rhetoric, or his pseudo Marxist propaganda of euphoric social equality. It’s not even about his age. Even his hypocrisy (he is richer than most of us are and will ever be) albeit annoying did not send me over the edge. It’s about his blatant dislike of Israel and frankly, everything Jewish. He has tried very hard to pander to the Jewish American community but it’s more of a left- handed attempt at trying to gain votes than a meaningful dialogue between brethren. His open support of BDS tells much about the man and where he hopes to take his country and the approximate 5.7 million Jews that live there.

Traditionally, around 70% of Jewish Americans vote Democrat. But this is not the same Democratic party of Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, or even if I may unabashedly say; Bill Clinton. This is the new Democratic party. The far left Christian and Israel bashing party. The party that gives a soft pat on the hand to anti-Semites in an attempt to make them behave more politely. The abortion party. The secular party. The tolerant party, unless you do not agree to their philosophies, then you are labeled a bigot and a racist. We might as well refer to it as the Socialist Democratic Party; hijacked by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and other members of Congress who embrace socialism and entitlement. They want us to believe that they know what is good for us. They entice with “free” which normally comes out of our pockets. They disguise anti-Israel narrative as pro-Palestinian justice. Bernie is at home with these bunch.

Bernie just announced that he would not attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. He has issues with its “platform”. Why the conscience now Bernie? You are one of the few Democrats who has never bothered to attend the conference before, so why the public boycott? Maybe you should read about the organization before making inane statements Bernie.

The AIPAC is non-partisan and has always embraced both sides of the aisle in the spirit of US-Israeli friendship and support. But Bernie is the social justice warlord. He is the pro-Palestinian ombudsman. The caped crusader who accused the AIPAC of being a platform for bigotry. How he arrived at that conclusion, G-d only knows. The AIPAC celebrates the commonality between the two countries. Bernie’s warped sense of justice is so off the mark. He intentionally or otherwise fails to realize that the AIPAC actually supports the two-state deal. They support a home for Palestinians. So what’s the beef Bernie? The American Jewish Committee (AJC) condemned Sander’s remarks, but why the surprise? He has often made his feelings known, and his remarks and opinions fall exactly within the parameters of the socialism and communism playbook he is so fond of.

Is Bernie ignorant or purposely anti-Israel. Whatever the reason, the man’s ideals and agenda are dangerous. Apart from Nazism; socialism and communism were close in line for Jew persecution. The fundamental ideology of social and economic equality, socialism disfranchises any Jewish population into an unpopular mold. Socialism is predominantly secular, economically mediocre, and demands social conforming. Even if one does not attend shul or read the Torah, intrinsically, all my Jewish friends held a sense of G-d, did not espouse to mediocrity, and were hardly conformists. Which is why Israel leads the global community in creativity, research, science, and technology. It also has the most patents per capita. Success and self determination are not components of socialism or communism. Socialism promotes helplessness, lack of creativity, and uniformity. Elements that bring equality in poverty and misery. South America, the former Soviet Union, and North Korea come to mind. They couldn’t and can’t feed their own people. Israel grows oranges in the desert.

Bernie the socialist can never reconcile his Judaism with his political social agenda. They just do not mix well. They clash spiritually, intellectually, and traditionally. Either by choice or intently, Bernie justifies his disdain for Israel with pro-Palestinian rhetoric, often founded in insidious innuendo and untruth. Bernie’s love affair with socialism is almost infantile. He loved Fidel Castro. Those are his words not mine. Go figure.

According to “the algemeiner” (February 24, 2020), mainstream US Jewish groups are “outraged” about Bernie’s remarks on AIPAC. They should be. The rest of Congress and the Senate should also be outraged because his remarks threw insults at them as well. He basically implied that those attending the conference (approximately 18.000) are bigots. His tweet was priceless: “…I remain concerned about the platform AIPAC provides for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights.” I would like Bernie to tell us who the bigots are, especially in his own party, and who is opposing basic Palestinian rights? His four congresswomen friends perhaps? The last time I checked, the new deal just proposed would give the Palestinians a State in return for acknowledging Israel. Maybe that is too much for Bernie to comprehend. By the way, according to “the algemeiner”, the 18,000 attending AIPAC are members from both parties, Christians, African-Americans, Hispanic, other progressives, veterans, students, and LGBTQ members. So who among them are bigots Bernie? Perhaps you have been looking into the mirror too often?

For the first time in many decades, American Jews are taking a Democratic front runner to task. This is no longer partisan loyalty. At this point it shouldn’t be either. This election could turn the tide on support for Israel and its people. The question is tough. Do Jewish Americans want to keep the status quo, or send a message to the new Democratic party that Sanders is not a friend to the Jewish Democratic voter and campaign contributor?

Sanders  targets Israel’s integrity and viability with his association to BDS and its anti-Semitic undertones and objectives. Israel finds itself on the brink of losing its closest friend, ally, and partner in fighting terrorism on the home front and the region. Worse still, the US cannot afford to lose its friend and Middle East buffer. Israel keeps Iran and Russia at bay; both holding a strong foothold in Syria and Lebanon. Israel takes the punches to keep the peace. Israel takes on Hamas and Hezbollah, both financed by Iran, and keeps them from gaining a stronger foothold in the region. Neither the US nor the rest of the world can afford to cut ties with Israel.

The Palestinian “issue” will not be solved as long as the Palestinian leadership remains adamant in electing and supporting Hamas. Palestinian leadership continues to squander money on weaponry against their neighbor while allowing Palestinian families to live in squalor and deprivation. They will not compromise. They also refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. Children are raised to hate, and pinheads like Bernie Sanders continue to support a terrorist group more intent on destroying Israel than gaining peace. I do not presume to think that Israel is a country without its share of problems and problematic leaders. However, Israel’s mission in life has never included raising a generation to hate. For Bernie Sanders to declare verbal war on Israel is not only unacceptable it is downright ignorant.

Is this a moment in time soon to be forgotten at the ballot box, or an opportunity for Jewish Americans to wake up from their reverie, and realize that neither Sanders nor his party have their best interest in mind. Where are the pro-Israel Democrats? They have remained loudly silent. They are tip toeing the party line. No surprise there either. As always, when push comes to shove, it’s always the Jew that gets thrown under the bus.

Kerstein, b. February 24, 2020. US Jewish Groups react with Outrage to Bernie Sanders Offensive attack on AIPAC. the algemeiner.

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Judith was born in Malta but is also a naturalized American. Former military wife (23 years), married, and currently retired from the financial world as Bank Manager. Spent the last 48 years associated or working for the US forces overseas. Judith has a blog on www.judith60dotcom Judith speaks several languages and is currently learning Hebrew.