Dimensions of Ascension and Redemption


The world is crying
People dying
Immorality and deviance – rapacious vultures flying
Hope is the prey but it’s slowly dying.

Civilizations clashing
Humanity thrashing
Mankind crashing
History’s frightening fog – rehashing

Leaders are silent
Politicians are acquiescent
People are despondent
Individually wondering, “Is it all an accident?”

Can we be reverting to the Dark Ages?
Will the Chosen People be corralled in cages?
Where are our leaders and sages?
Who will give us succor as the fire rages?

Will someone care enough to rise?
Is there a fearless leader whose heart cries?
With courage and bravery that never dies?
I can only hope – I can only surmise.

Must assume he’s the one of whom we’re foretold
The Prophets spoke of him being bold
Humble yet noble he’ll draft all in the fold
To recognize our Creator so all are in His mold

Only through His precepts and injunctions
His teachings – His instructions
His desires and aspirations
Assuring tranquility for all creations

To prepare and compose for the inevitable day
Forging ahead with our mission even today
We can no longer tarry or delay
If we are to witness the wondrous display

Be of good courage and return
Ignore the din of ignorance; but discern…
What is holy and good, and spurn…
Winds of destruction and fires that burn.

Oh G-d Al-mighty bring on the redemption
It’s the only hope to destructive prevention
Fusing past, present and future dimensions
So humanity can reach its rightful ascension.

About the Author
Graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami and Central Lubavitch Yeshivah in NY. Rabbi in Hollywood, FL leading its community as the Chabad Emissary and member of Florida Friends of Lubavitch for over 25 years. "Father and grandfather is something I'm most proud of and strive to get better."
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