Dialogue with Dirk Ahlborn

Hyperloop (Wikipedia CC BY 4.0)
Hyperloop (Wikipedia CC BY 4.0)

Dirk Ahlborn is the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the project of Payl Pal and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk.

Is there a chance Hyperloop might come to israel one day ?

Haha, Well, off course. The system solves a big problem. It has a business modell. So it doesn’t rely on government subsidies. Which all other rails and metros need. So I’m sure that is a big cost for Israel as well.

Is there already negotiations ?

Nothing so far. At the moment we work with inbound inquiries.

Did you all find your inspiration somehow in Isaac Asimov’s books ?

The idea has been around for many hundred years. Different books have been written, movies, cartoons. I assume in one way or another all of us humans are inspired by them.

Delta Force found in Bin Laden’s hardware, a project of mass murder in a high speed train over a bridge in 2011. This catstrophical scenario, is almost a scene of the Captain America movie launched that same year. Have you thought about that to create a technology that is almost unbreakable ?

Yes we are working on resistant.

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