Diskin and Dagan: From winners to whiners

“The evil men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones” – Shakespeare

How will Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin be remembered? It seems they are trying hard to make it so that their lifelong dedication to the security of the state of Israel is long forgotten and that they are remembered as whining, amateur, political hacks long after they are gone.

I wrote here about Meir Dagan’s criticisms of Netanyahu and noted that a) I agreed with some of them; and b) despite protestations to the contrary, I had suspicions Dagan had a personal vendetta against Netanyahu.

Meir Dagan has now crossed the line — his ranting and raving against Netanyahu, including at a rally with many extreme leftists — has exposed his motives as completely personal. Moreover, he had the audacity to use the language of the enemies of Israel and accuse Israel of moving towards “apartheid”. Dagan, the person who we supposedly need to hear from to save Israel, is using the language of those who seek to destroy Israel.

On March 11th, Ynet news published a typical anti-Netanyahu piece in which a Dagan crony came to his written defense.  The article, entitled “Meir Dagan is a True Patriot”, was written by fellow Netanyahu-basher Yuval Diskin, the former head of the Shin Bet.  The reader must understand, of course, that Diskin writing about Dagan in Ynet is about as close to a complete feedback loop as one can imagine.

In the article, poorly written and more propaganda than opinion, Diskin recounts an episode of Dagan’s heroism in Gaza. Of course, no one doubts Dagan’s past heroism – the issue is his current conduct. Diskin’s justification for Dagan’s outspokenness is a recurring false canard about Netanyahu’s actions threatening the Zionist Dream. How a staunch hawk and lover of Israel is threatening the Zionist Dream is unclear to me.

Diskin and Dagan have been joined in their chorus by other former “security officials.” Stop for a second and consider who these former “security officials” are supporting. A man with almost no anti-terrorism experience.  A party that is responsible for 1000+ deaths after Oslo.  And politicians backed by the most extreme left elements in Israel, including, in the background, the United Arab Party.  Indeed, Herzog recently stated he might appoint Ahmed Tibi to the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee (Click on his name to learn about the kind of person Ahmed Tibi is). Do these “security officials” honestly believe that Herzog and Livni will be better for Israel’s security? It is very difficult to believe that.

What is also disingenuous, however, about the former “security officials” that have come out to criticize Netanyahu, is that they attack him from both the right and the left. In Gaza, where he was measured, cautious, and controlled, he did not go far enough and ought to have destroyed Hamas (a criticism I agree with, although I find the “security chiefs” more interested in unseating Netanyahu than really believing in Hawkish policies).  With Iran, although they generally agree Iran should not be permitted to get a bomb, Netanyahu is too hawkish, too vocal, and has allegedly alienated the United States.  As if Barack Obama would otherwise be pro-Israel if it were not for Netanyahu.

One former “security official” even criticized the recent killing of Jihad Mughniyeh; apparently, Mr. Jihad was not a skilled enough terrorist to make an operation worthwhile.  I suppose setting up a terror camp on the Golan Heights with an Iranian general does not qualify somoene as worthy of a targeted killing.

Former military commanders are entitled to participate in politics.  But they should be more cautious about empowering Israel’s enemies. Speaking at rallies, talking to the press, and using the language he is using, Meir Dagan has turned himself from a loyal, discreet servant of the Jewish people to a petty, partisan hack, emboldening Israel’s enemies, and with a clear personal score to settle with Netanyahu.  His conduct is unbecoming, unethical, and damages the very institution of Mossad Director.  Meir Dagan WAS a true patriot; in my eyes, not anymore.

About the Author
Michael Tweyman is a politically conservative Toronto lawyer whose writing has appeared in the Canadian Jewish News. Michael has no formal affiliation with any Israeli political party or movement.