Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Divine Providence and Canadian Faux Pas

Canada’s parliament just honoured a Nazi. They didn’t realize that the Ukrainian World War Two soldier they were honouring, was a volunteer for the Nazis.

Honest mistake? Maybe. But it invites looking at the big picture. Why is Canada honouring Ukraine?

Defending Ukraine against Russia is one thing. But to honour them?

Ukraine has a history of vicious antisemitism. Many Ukrainians participated in progroms against Jews one hundred years ago, helped Nazis murder millions eighty years ago, and suppored and legitimized Ukrainian Nazi militias in the last decade. (Mainstream media wrote about about it at the time, but when Western governments decided to support Ukraine against the Russians, the media was suddenly quiet about Ukrainian Nazi militias, and even whitewashed it.)

So when Canada became overly zealous in honouring and glorifying Ukraine, Divine Providence intervened, perhaps to show Canada, and the world, that Ukraine should not be honoured. A country with a history of violent antisemitism, and where Nazi militias were reportedly adulated and their flags prominently displayed in many Ukrainian windows in the last decade, does not deserve honour. If the world wants to defend Ukraine against Russia, that’s one thing. But we shouldn’t create for Ukrainians a legacy of wonderful altruistic heroes and saints. If you want to help them for strategic reasons, make sure to carefully wash your hands afterwards.

And perhaps Canada should reexamine how they let Ukrainian Nazis into Canada after World War Two. Perhaps Canada should make it clear to their own citizens and to the world, that Nazis are not good for society. Western countries may want to defend Ukraine militarily, but we can’t allow the dirt attached to that country to harm us.

Everything happens by Divine Providence. We don’t know why millions were murdered in World War Two. But we need to do our part, to keep the world just and peaceful. And then we trust in G-d to bless our world with peace and prosperity forever.

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