Divinely Inspired and Transformational Change

Is that an echo I hear from the past? Is it possible that a heroic leader with heroic aspirations is ascending to heroic heights of historic proportions? Only time will tell. But I hear faint reverberations ringing and beckoning. Like a siren call I’m being lured into a state of optimism and hope.

I see a potential giant in the making. I see him looming large and tall. He is casting his shadow over us all and he’s evincing a feeling of ease and equanimity once again. It’s a sense of wonderful things to come and a rise of “Americanism” once again.

Whether it’s his take-no-prisoners attitude or his indefatigable energy. His upbeat demeanor. His ability to sell people on his vision. And perhaps most of all, his seeming exuberance around common folk, the salt of the earth, those who make this country work and produce.

I honestly believe that in this heart lies a patriot who has been observing America’s decline. Like slowly drawn-out torture, he has suffered. Slowly being ripped apart by forces that were, heretofore, beyond his control.

Then he had enough! He always exemplified the motto of second to none. Instilling the virtue of hard work and excellence in his children as his father did to him, he just had it! Like a caged tiger busting out of captivity, finally free to do what he wants and knows needs to be done.

The more and more you hear about him the more you hear about a man of pride and achievement. One senses an overwhelming drive and ambition to make a monumental difference. A desire to write a transformational chapter in history.

And yet one also senses a serene humility that breaks through the cacophony and the media inspired cracks. It trickles out anecdote by anecdote. Stories of kindness over the years, unheralded and heretofore unrecorded. In this enigmatic and seemingly incongruous individual emerges a man of compassion, loyalty and a love for his family.

To be sure, he plays hard and gives as good as he gets. Sort of like a throwback to the American Revolution and the Wild West when rambunctious tough men roamed the prairies and mountains willing to push the envelope in pursuit of their goals. Without them we wouldn’t be here and America wouldn’t exist. Yet he always had a fair sense of play and never allows an enemy to remain one forever. His prowess is exhibited on the battlefield but peaceful overtures commence once the war is done.

This man of complexity seems to hearken back to many of our greatest leaders and history’s valiant figures. Nuanced and even contradictory. Tough but tolerant. Gregarious and subdued. Vocal but willing to listen. I’ve never seen someone turn on a dime and forgive and forget like him. Like a bad mirage it disappears when you get closer.

Does Sir Winston Churchill come to mind? He too was vilified, made to be a monster. Before he led the Allies to victory and afterwards. But when his people needed him and his country beckoned he offered himself for service and proved himself up to the task. A leader leads whether he’s appreciated or not and he pushes his people to the summit as difficult as it may be.

What about “Honest Abe” a man beyond his time and “etched” in the “rock” hard annals of history. No one is analyzed nor has been written about more than him. He’s in a league all his own. A personal hero of mine since childhood he was a complex man unlike any other.

He was always tortured and harrowed. He was definitely new to the Washington scene, nor did he seem ready for the job. He was somewhat of an Establishment laughingstock. To some he was a rube from the backwaters of Kentucky. No formal education. No social grace. No experience in foreign affairs or any real executive background.

He had detractors and dangerous enemies. He was a lonely figure fighting inner-demons and external villains. Yet he won!

With a fire in his belly, unyielding principles and an abiding faith in G-d he trusted the innate goodness of the American people. He took terrible and very costly steps to unify a nation. It cost them dearly but the investment paid off with ample reward. A new and stronger nation was forged and endures because of him today.

Like a sentinel he stood tall. Like a lighthouse whose rays keep ships on course Abraham Lincoln’s imposing and brooding figure kept us unswervingly devoted and true on a direction that altered this nation’s history and lifted us out of darkness.

The irony: This dark man catapulted a nation into light! Transformational! And only he could’ve carried it off. A Divine plan to install a Divinely chosen man for a Divinely inspired nation!

A great leader is not simple to understand. A great leader is an amalgam of divergence. Seemingly irreconcilable characteristics enshrined into one soul.

The president-elect seems to fit this mold.

No one knows for sure and these musings are not meant to be prophetic. But the haunting clamor of history keeps ringing in my ears. Sounds to me like the commotion of something momentous and an epochal future. The kind that propels a nation upward while keeping it moored to its hallowed past.

Is this the leader we’ve been waiting for? Only time will tell. Will he close the circle and seal the link to our historical founding? Who knows?! But if history is to be our guide the potential is there. Now we must pray to our Creator to bless his presidency and hope the Divine inspiration G-d grants “all potentates and nobleman are entrusted in His Hand!”

About the Author
Graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami and Central Lubavitch Yeshivah in NY. Rabbi in Hollywood, FL leading its community as the Chabad Emissary and member of Florida Friends of Lubavitch for over 25 years. "Father and grandfather is something I'm most proud of and strive to get better."
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