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Do we Jews and Israel have any countries that are really on our side?

Don’t get me wrong. Often the rich and powerful are deeply anti-Semitic while populations of the countries they control are much more mellow towards Jews. (Though, not in the Middle East. You can’t count King Hussein and Presidents Sadat and Sisi among the Jew-haters of the world but their populations largely are.) Meanwhile, the United Nations continues to preach against us. Which countries stand up for us?

Canada declares the Wailing Wall Palestinian

Suddenly, on September 19, longstanding pro-Israel ally Canada joined the anti-Israel circus at the UN by voting for “The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” It seems that Canada has ambitions inside the Treaty Organization and has thrown Israel under the bus. One of the nasty things it undersigned is that the Wailing Wall is Palestinian-Gentile.

The Jerusalem Post aids the US campaign against Pollard’s release

The New York Times continues the US campaign to slander Jewish spies and question the national loyalty of US Jews to the US in order to not have Jonathan Pollard released to Israel.

They now ‘reveal’ (Why now?!) that another US-Jewish spy gave the USSR the A-bomb. He was reportedly part of the same spy ring that also had Julius and Ethel Rosenberg — who were executed by the US and later found to be wholly innocent. The Jerusalem Post calls them “notorious” — who needs anti-Semitic literature with such a ‘Jewish’ periodical?

How can Trump, supposedly the biggest friend the Jews ever had in the White House, who pardoned numerous people already, believe the stream of slander that is meant to keep Pollard in the US? He even didn’t believe the international myth that Israel is ‘occupying’ the West Bank. (It rather liberated it from Jordanian occupation.)

But if we Jews can’t trust Trump, why should we trust his Peace Plan, his friendship with Bibi or rely on any other foreign politician?

The Dutch finally on Israel’s side?

Contrary to popular myth, the Holocaust onslaught in The Netherlands was exceptionally enormous (compared to neighbor Belgian) with 75% of its Jews murdered. The hiding of Anne Frank is world-famous but so should be her betrayal. The largest cause of this failure wasn’t rabid antisemitism of the Dutch but rather its Gentiles not really caring for Jews (and Gypsies).

Against this background, the Dutch were very pro-Israel after WW II. Based largely on a guilty conscience. That sentiment disappeared like snow in summer when Israel won the Sex-Day War. It was no longer the underdog — the Dutch had found new sympathy with the Palestinian Arabs who now supposedly were the new victims. This lasted 50 years.

But in the last decennium, a large minority has formed in the Low Countries of Muslims from Arab countries, consisting of (abused) migrant workers and their united families and Syrian refugees. The Dutch got to know the ugly side of Islam, intolerance and supremacy thinking. And now, after so many years, the attitude under the Dutch population is changing. One doesn’t malign the Jewish State so quickly anymore. And suddenly we see some real changes. Suddenly, something had snapped.

The Dutch railways had obediently (and for a fee paid by the Nazi occupiers) transported the Dutch Jews to the transit camps and on to the death camps. Hardly any railroad worker had refused or questioned this. Just now, the Dutch railroad company has decided to pay a nice sum of money to survivors of these transports and if they are deceased already to their children (but not grandchildren) if they had any who are still alive. Partly to return what they were paid for this genocidal collaboration and partly to acknowledge how wrong they had been. They will also invest in the new Holocaust museum that is erected in Amsterdam shortly, etc.

We are waiting still for any acknowledgment of guilt by the Dutch police and military police. It was they who rounded up the Jews and kept them interned, and not Nazis or Germans. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

After years and decades hiding behind ‘we don’t want to disrupt European consensus,’ Dutch Parliament suddenly decided, to hell with the special labeling of products from Israel’s liberated territories. Led by the Christian caucus, it declared that it would only permit the European directive if also produce from disputed territories of other countries would be labeled distinctively. This is a major departure of the past.

Ten days later, the Dutch Parliament again spoke up for Israel. It halted its very large payments to the Palestinian Authority over its Pay for Slay abuse: monthly rewarding murderers of Jews and the family of the murderers relative to the number of Jews murdered. Unprecedented!

All the Israeli media that I saw reported that soccer star Van Basten had said to a life mike “Sieg Heil” (gasp — the German Nazi greeting). This was incorrectly reported as if the sporting legend had revealed some apparent hidden Nazi sympathy. Nothing was further from the truth. He said this after an interview in German to make fun of that language and Germans — the Dutch of our generation still have anti-German sentiment from WW II.

Together with some 30 heads of state from around the world, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will attend the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, taking place on 23 January 2020, at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. This would be such an excellent opportunity for the King to say what his mother, Queen Beatrix, never managed to utter: “We acknowledge and we’re sorry for the utter failure in WW II of the Dutch State to stand by our Jews.”

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