Do What You Do With Confidence


Tuesday morning I landed at JFK.

As I waited for the car rental company to open, I made small talk with another fellow from the tribe; he told me he’s hoping to get to go to a Knicks game and maybe even the Yankees.

He then proceeds to ask me, “Are you sure you want to walk around NY “like that”? If you want, I even have an extra Yankee cap here in my bag you can have…” 

It took me a second to figure out what he was referring to. (And, admittedly, I was liking the sound of putting on a Yankee cap and “chapping” a game while I’m here, though it’s going to have to wait until my next trip –  I didn’t have the time now.)

I realized he was referring to my yarmulka.

I respectfully declined and told him, “Thank you, but I’m fine walking around in my yarmulka – that’s the point of it, I’m proud to be a Jew.” 

Just then the gentleman from Enterprise car rental informed us our cars were ready and we each went on our way.

Fast forward Thursday afternoon.  I’m finishing up a lunch meeting in the city.

As I’m waiting for the valet to bring me my car from the lot, a gentleman was giving me the “stare down,” so I started making small talk with this fellow also waiting for his car.

He was picking up parts for his boss in NY and was excited to get back on his way to NJ. (From his appearance, he didn’t look Jewish at all nor do I believe he is.)

As he got into his car, he hops back out for a sec, takes a good look at me, and says, “It’s good to see more people of faith who are proud to show their belief in God, so thank you!”

With that, he jumps in his car and speeds away…

I’m no rabbi and I’m not telling you to wear a yarmulka or not.

But what I will tell you is ALWAYS be confident in what you do and those around you will respect you for it.

Bye random New Jersian who I met in the city – and thanks for the reminder!

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