Do you wonder where her rage comes from?

A response to the article published in Mondoweiss: “Sarah Silverman stands by Ahed Tamimi: ‘Do you wonder where her rage comes from?’”

The answer to the question is not complicated.  Ahed Tamimi suffered child abuse while growing up. She was raised to believe so called “martyrdom” was the goal of the more righteous Palestinian people. She was blinded by lies and hatred of the Jewish people.

Indoctrinated and brainwashed to the point of rejoicing when Israelis were murdered, she is now being used and abused by the anti-Israel forces of both the Left and Right. For those who wish to see Jews pushed from the Jordan River into the Mediterranean Sea, or for those with low information who have picked up the cause without understanding most of the history or facts on the ground, she has become the new poster “child” with whom their cause will now be emboldened. This is a blatant example of distorting the facts.

Simply put, her rage comes from her role models and from not being presented with accurate information.

Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, tweeted Silverman in an attempt to reach out in order to discuss the issues that Silverman might not be aware of. Roz sent her a video to watch.

Unfortunately, praise for Ahed Tamimi and other members of the Tamimi family has been promoted as sophisticated propaganda in an attempt to legitimize a false narrative, even though it is known that members of the Tamimi family support terror organizations.that carry out actions against the Israeli citizens, including murdering children. The Tamimi’s are a group of people that have passed down hatred to their children and those around them.

These images are from Shehab News Agency on Facebook.

“Her father Bassem Tamimi has shared a propaganda video for the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, and his wife, i.e. Ahed’s mother Nariman, “liked” this video glorifying Hezbollah. Ahed’s father also “likes” the Hamas-affiliated jihadist Al-Qassam Brigades…”

A relative of Ahed Tamimi, Ahlam Tamimi, was a member of Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades run by Hamas. She was a collaborator in the bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem in 2001.

She is happy that so many were murdered, including 8 children. She has since been living in Jordan despite repeated requests by the Israelis that she be extradited.

Silverman should be told about what goes on in the village where the Tamami family lives, close to the city of Ramallah. She should learn more about the village that conspires to murder Jewish people and destroy Israel. A village that spawns terrorists like the Tamimis. Terrorists that hold hands with Hamas and Hezbollah are not so called “freedom fighters.”

Sarah Silverman is being pursued by Jewish Voice for Peace, Amnesty International, SJP, BDS and others to use her as a tool to spread lies. I encourage her not to fall prey to those who simply want Israel eradicated.  To understand their intention fully, she should ask them if they believe in a two state solution with a Palestinian state living side by side with an Israeli Jewish state. They do not.  I encourage her to respond to people like Roz Rothstein and others who will tell her the truth about how Israel seeks peace.

About the Author
Carla Brewington earned her doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. She is a Christian volunteer speaker with the Israel Education Force (IEF) an outreach of the Israel education organization, StandWithUs. She can be reached at