Do your job or resign!

Over the past several months I have been active at protests, at rallies and on social media trying to pressure the government to stop releasing terrorist.

The release of terrorists is immoral, unjust and dangerous. Releasing terrorists encourages future attackers by removing any deterrent for committing the heinous acts terrorists are known to commit.

Further, it causes tremendous pain and agony to families of terror victims. Additionally it instills fear in the minds of Israelis who know that bloody murderers are walking free.

Releasing terrorists in the name of peace is not only irresponsible and immoral; it is simply a paradox. If our “partner” requires a terrorist release in order to make peace our “partner” is not ready for peace. One who demands the release of terrorists (i.e the P.A.) definitively and fundamentally supports, condones and even encourages terror.

Releasing terrorists in the name of peace is like pouring benzene on fire as an attempt to extinguish it.

The primary responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens. By releasing terrorists the government becomes illegitimate and loses its right to govern.

There are those who have made a distinction between Israeli-Arab terrorists and non-Israel Arab terrorists. Such a distinction is childish and an insult to human intelligence. Arab terror must be stopped without any political games or childish arbitrary boundaries set up by politicians.

Recently two laws began the process of getting voted into law. One law creates the possibility for a judge to sentence a terrorists for life in prison without the possibility of a pardon. Another law states that a prisoner may not be pardoned unless he has paid his court ordered fees to the victims of his actions.

It is not clear why these laws took so long to be introduced. But what is clear is that any member of Knesset who votes against this bill or hinders it in any way has no right to govern.

Members of the Israeli government: Vote for the law or resign. There is no place in the Israeli government for one who does not do everything at his disposal to protect the citizens which he is employed to protect.

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