Doctor’s orders

In a previous post I wrote about my suffering from PID – Post Israel Depression, and ‘unfortunately’ I now – almost two months later – must say that I am still suffering.

In fact I get ‘sicker’ every day.

It’s not just about the weather. Although that would be understandable considering it’s -8° C in Stockholm and +35° C in my beloved Israel.

It’s about so much more.

The warmth of the people for instance.

Israelis often complain about themselves being pushy and loud but I’ve never experienced the pushy part. Maybe that day will come but I am not afraid since I like a little bit of heat! At least you know that everyone’s actually living and not just being alive!

And I must say I love the loudness (being a quiet little Scandinavian myself).

And then there’s the energy. Not just the urban energy of Tel Aviv, but as soon as one sets foot in Ben Gurion Airport one can feel it.
A different kind of energy which is impossible to describe in words.
I guess for most Jews it’s a Jewish thing, but I’m not Jewish (yet) although my heart clearly is.

And of course there’s the food! The hummus, the falafel, the sallads! How can the sallads taste so… hmm… much? And so fresh?

And then there is the language!

I love Hebrew and I know quite a lot of words (and sleazy song titels as I love those Hebrew ballads…)
And do you know how sexy the language is?
Oh dear, oh dear.

But the best part is the feeling of being amongst friends.
To be able to wear a Magen David without being scared.
(I bought my first one five years ago and I never took it off. It’s a part of me and my Jewish heart.)

kim milrell loves israel
The author and his beloved map. Photo credit: Kim Milrell.

So here I am, still suffering, trying to work but finding myself time and time again staring at that map behind me.

My project gets a lot of hits every day, although I haven’t been able to update it for quite some time, so please – Israelis – help me fight ignorance! Write your own letter from Israel and send it to me. (Info here.)

My latest project is also doing well. Bilingual and all. Why not take part in my ‘pictures project’? Send images from your city or town or village or street, just like Yehonatan Levi did.

Meanwhile I’ll continue being sick planning my comeback.
(Doctor’s orders!)

About the Author
Kim Milrell da Costa is a Pro-Israel blogger, writer, and activist from Stockholm, Sweden. However he currently resides in a small town in southern Finland. He writes about 'Everything Israel' on his website, and has worked for the World Zionist Organization's Swedish subdivision: The Zionist Federation of Sweden. He is also a news junkie and he cares too much about what's going on in the world. Constantly worried.