THE GMB (originally General Municipal Boilermakers) Union in the UK have joined countless other people, groups and “elitist” in calling Israel and by extension the Jewish people, racist!

GMB voted to continue their support of boycotting Israeli goods due to the supposed illegal settlements, the occupation and the construction of the (security) wall aka BDS.

The union issued a statement that Trade Union Friends of Israel (TUFI) and the GMB can NOT be associated with each other and have prevented their members from dealing with TUFI and even visiting Israel. Ironic that the GMB have endorsed a tactic they claim Israel is currently doing themselves, barring specific people from a certain area.

The latest boycott was arranged by Julie Hunt who works in a Northwest London office. Her union is allegedly associated with making other intolerable statements on Israel:

“There is no comparison between Israeli forces’ enormous firepower and Palestinians’ resistance to an illegal occupation and siege. . . . We call for an immediate end to all international military support for Israel.”


We condemn the latest Israeli assault on Gaza, which at the time of writing has killed more than twenty and injured hundreds. There is no comparison between Israeli forces’ enormous firepower and Palestinians’ resistance to an illegal occupation and siege. Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” against Gaza in 2008-9 killed 1400 Palestinians, a quarter of them children. Then, as now, Israeli spokesmen claimed to be making “every possible effort” to target “enemy combatants only.” By contrast, four Israelis were killed by Palestinians during “Operation Cast Lead”.


We call for an immediate end to all international military support for Israel.


We affirm our solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle for liberation. We support the call by the Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS issued in May 2011 for the trade union movement world wide to break all links with the Histadrut as it is not a trade union, but has been an integral part of the racist Zionist state since its inception.

We also affirm our solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the Arab world who have shown such courage in their revolutionary struggles against dictatorship and poverty. We believe that the Arab Revolutions and the liberation of Palestine are inextricably linked. US and British arms and funding support the repressive Saudi and Bahraini monarchies, just as they fuel the Israeli war machine. These same governments support the Jordanian regime which is now facing a popular rebellion over fuel price rises, and were the biggest backers of Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship in Egypt.


We reject all forms of foreign intervention in the Middle East — whether by military means or financial. The imposition of neo-liberal and austerity policies by the IMF and the World Bank are simply another means by which Western governments seek to control this region.


We stand in solidarity with the popular revolutionary movements in Bahrain, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen Jordan and elsewhere in the Arab world.

Stop the attack on Gaza Liberation for Palestine Victory to the Arab revolutions

With such statements coming from unions who are funding the UK Labour Party to the tune of £2 MILLION A YEAR; it is time for Ed Miliband to make good on his statement that boycotts of Israel are “totally wrong and there should be no tolerance for boycotts”.

Until Ed distances himself from such racist organisations; it’s as if he endorsing such filth and perhaps Jewish organisations should consider boycotting Labour Party initiatives and events until Ed shows some spine.

Liberals and by definition,their uninformed academics -can continue to boycott Israel all they like but we will continue producing more to humankind than they could ever dream of doing from a university lecture hall.

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Elliott has been blogging since January2009 on American, Israeli & British politics.; He has had articles published on the American website,; As well as working full-time for a property management company in the United Kingdom; Elliott is the Chairman of the Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP) which was established to support and protect the people and the land of Israel; Their mission is to recruit and train dedicated individuals and communities representatives who will serve as a backup force of Emergency First Responders in Israel;After training, volunteers partner with Israel's emergency services (fire fighters, ambulance and community services), providing essential, life-saving aid to Israel's citizens during times of conflict, national crisis or emergency; He is also a Director of the Israel Emergency Aid Fund (IEAF) which provides shelter and support including supplies for hundreds of families in times of war