Deborah Jacobi

Does the World Know?

This week, I viewed a video released by The Hallelu Foundation. It began by the narrator admitting that he has had moments of feeling sorry for the Palestinians, but then he recalled the candy that Gazans distribute when Jews are murdered, and the joyful processions in the streets that linger as Jewish blood flows; he noted how mothers raise their sons in the princely hope that they will become martyrs, and he reported on the videos that show cute little kids demonstrating their savage, homicidal skills, as they slit the throats of their teddy bears with toy knives in front of a packed audience of beaming parents.

Last week seven more holy Jews were murdered.

The candies and celebrations took place as usual. We can only begin to imagine the festivities that took place throughout their schools and universities. Palestinians appear exuberant at the demise of every Jew, whether that Jew is a baby, a child, religious or secular, whether a doctor, nurse, teacher, soldier, or nursing mother. It is all the same to them — a Jew is a Jew.

And the river of money that supports this war is enthusiastically financed by the UN and the EU And it is done so while Israel is demonized. Is the world aware that Israelis live peacefully with most of its nearly two million Arabs? Does the world know that if one Jew should accidentally find himself in a Palestinian, Muslim village in Israel, such as Jenin, Nablus, or Ramallah that he would never be seen again?

Does the world know that while Israeli Jews are obligated to enter the army at the age of 18, to defend the lives of all its citizens, its Israeli Arab counterpart attends university and becomes a doctor, dentist, engineer, or other professional of his choice?

No demands are made on the Arab Israeli population to support the war effort in any way. The Arabs reap the benefits of an academic head start over our Israeli youth, who cannot even fathom their future for another three years. The world accuses Israel of genocide. Does the world know that in 2005, when Israel gave away Gaza, that the Arab, Gazan population was 2.4 million and today it has grown to nearly 5 million?

Is the world aware that when an Arab Israeli terrorist murders a Jew, he not only receives a substantial monthly stipend from Gaza, but also continues to receive social security funding from the Israeli government? Thankfully, this government is looking to stem the outrageous flow of funds to murderers, yet the world is outraged at a government that is seeking true justice.

Are people cognizant of the fact that a leaked, official document was discovered that revealed that the notably “unbiased” European Union, used its funding to build Palestinian infrastructure in Israel’s sole legal Area C, in Yehudah and Shomron. This was an unscrupulous attempt by the EU to connect Palestinian areas A and B to Israel’s Area C in order to reestablish the 1949 borders and have them permanently institute Israel’s final border status. This was in complete disregard of all the endangered Jewish towns and villages that reside throughout the area. A deplorable attempt to cause the demise of Israel from within.

The Knesset, notably stated, “We were apparently mistaken in thinking that racist, religious hatred of Jews and Israel was a thing of the past. It saddens us to discover time and time again, that under the thin veneer of the EU’s civility and manners and the seeming concern for human rights, the same old blood libels can be found, along with the same flames of primitive hatred that seek this time to persecute-not the individual Jew, but the tiny Jewish state.”

And now that Israel wishes to deconstruct this deceitful venture, the EU is demanding that Israel return all the funds that the EU illegally spent on this outrageous project!

Does the world know that Jews cannot walk safely on their streets without the fear of being stabbed or shot by an armed terrorist? Thousands of citizens are now obliged to carry weapons to counter the spontaneous acts of terror that these executioners carry out on innocent civilians?

This ongoing war has nothing whatsoever to do with the land. The Palestinians cannot tolerate one Jew in their midst, they have no intention of sharing anything. The battle is over their lustful appetite to annihilate every single Jew living on the land. Israel is battling the Palestinian ideology of, “Every Jew shall be slaughtered.”

The world has contributed billions of dollars to the Palestinian cause. The Palestinians could have developed their area into a thriving Singapore by now. Instead, their bellicose ideology motivates them to kill rather than build, to construct tunnels of terror rather than erect condominiums for their citizens, to accrue rockets and bombs rather than build hotels and support a tourist economy. The Palestinian authority prefers to secure poverty for its population, rather than comfort and economic success. Crying “poverty!” enables them to promote their evil propaganda that their suffering and ruination is purely the fault of the Israeli occupation.

Does the world know that Israel doesn’t occupy any area inside of Gaza? it simply maintains a border with Gazans, just as Egypt does. It hasn’t occupied Gaza since 2005, when it removed 21 Israeli settlements that housed 8,000 Israelis. Not a single Jew has occupied an inch, meter, or square foot within the parameters of Gaza since. The IDF only enters when they are seeking to avert a terrorist act, or are attempting to find the assassins who instigated a horrifying rocket attack on its civilian population, of which there have already been 20 this year.

Israel is an army of defense, hence the title IDF-Israel Defense Force. Does the world know that every war Israel has ever fought has been a war of defense. Israel is never the aggressor. It is perceived as the aggressor only by virtue of the lies and distorted truths antisemitic leaders, individuals, teachers, governments, media and the Palestinians promote.

Is the world aware that the ideology of the Palestinians is one of hatred and destruction. Does the world know that even though the Palestinians removed the vitriolic words from their national charter in 1968 describing their intent to seek “The destruction of the State of Israel,” they still educate every generation with their original ideology to despise and eliminate the Zionist entity?

In the past 75 years Israel has contributed much to the world, from life-saving medical research to astounding hi tech. They have invented life-changing irrigation systems and produced water from thin air. Their agricultural inventions have saved thousands of people living in third world countries. Israel is a living miracle. Can anyone recall one single thing that Palestinians have contributed to the world, other than death and carnage?

The world will continue its outcry against Israel. The problem is not that Israel has neglected to extend its hand in peace, it has done so numerous times. Even offering half the country and half of Jerusalem to the Palestinians when Clinton and Barak were in power. But their ideology refuses to allow them to accept the hand of friendship.

Now, after 75 years of an ideology that has no intention of ending its war and bloodshed, we must ask the question, are the Palestinians entirely to blame for this unceasing war?

Perhaps the root cause is in the fact that it is not just the Palestinians who are refusing to make peace with the state of Israel. We only have to look at the voting record at the U.N. to see that much of the world still despises its Jews.

Most governments know all that has befallen Israel, but governments have no problem setting the facts aside, not because they have endless adoring admiration for the Palestinians, but because they cannot help themselves from despising the Jew. Iran gets a pass, China gets a pass, as does Somalia, Libya, Cuba and on and on, the list is endless. But the Jewish state is consistently deemed the most evil state of all.

The UN and the EU could have stopped this war years ago, simply by stipulating that if any of the funds were used for terror the funds would be immediately retracted. These funds are notably provided without much, if any, accountability as to how they are distributed. One may begin to conclude that they are specifically donated to deliberately stoke the flames of war and hatred.

And the evidence is crystal clear. When Trump cut off US aid to Gaza, there were no outcries of starving people or abject poverty experienced by its citizens. The funding they did receive was apparently sufficient for their population, but insufficient to keep their acts of aggression operative. There was complete and total silence from Gaza. And there was complete and utter silence in Israel. No rockets from Gaza, no terrorist attacks, no innocent civilians were knifed or shot walking the streets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Not a single Jew was slaughtered.

The Palestinian war effort continues to be bank rolled by the UN, the EU, and even the US.

Funds flood in without any accountability for revenue going towards missiles, rockets, bombs or weaponry. These government bodies are fully aware that most of the funds barely find their way to the people of Gaza. Why not? Because the funding is mostly not provided to assist its citizens.

The excessive funding is almost exclusively donated to support the war effort. It is now evident that Gazans cannot wage war on Israel without the assistance of these excessive government handouts. We are not so much at war with the Palestinians as we are at war with the UN and the EU.

The endless funding will continue unless we insist on accountability. Meanwhile, these heinous, anti-Semitic, government bodies will continue to fund this bloodthirsty, nefarious war effort, under the benevolent, philanthropic guise of humanitarian aid. Aid which is perpetuating the endless cycle of death and violence on innocent civilians on both sides of the border.

About the Author
Deborah is an author, speaker, political writer, and health coach. Her books, The Intimate Act of Eating, a cosmic approach to food, and The Moral Act of Eating, a sacred approach to food, were recently released and are available in Jewish bookstores in the U.S., Israel, and London, Deborah resides in Jerusalem, Israel and divides her time between Israel, London and the U.S.