Does this sound like a fairy tale?

Does this sound like a fairy tale?

Once upon a time, there was a young white man, living in South Africa.

This young white man had gone to school and university. On the face of it, he had a lot of options.

However, this white man was not happy. In fact, more correctly, he was desperate.

He was desperate because he was struggling to find a job. Reasons usually given were that the company had Affirmative Action policies and requirements that he did not meet.

Adding to that desperation, he was struggling finacially. He couldn’t afford to pay his rent.

To add to the desperation, he was a victim of crime which included home invasions and hijackings.

To add to his desperation, he had to live in a country, governed by a government that he did not vote for. A government whose polices he desperately did not agree with.

One day, his desperation got the better of him. He knew of only one way to express not only how angry he was, but he also needed to demonstrate how desperate he was.

He grabbed a butchers knife and made his way to his nearest taxi rank. His desperation had led him to this point.

Why else could he possibly arrive at a taxi rank, brandishing a butchers knife?

He started to indiscriminately stab and butcher elderly black ladies and young black children.

He was demonstrating his desperation.

He saw the elderly, frail black people, and young innocent black children as the cause of his desperate situation.

The scene was gruesome.Scary. Bloody. The dead and injured lay in large pools of blood.

A passing private security guard witnessed the incident and managed to shoot the young white man before he injured or killed more people.

The incident was picked up by the international community and the United Nations

Condemnations poured in.

Not condemnation of the young white man. After all, his actions were justified. He was clearly desperate.

The condemnation was of the ANC led South African government. How could the ANC led government create such a situation, where such desperation is born, and thrives.

Tributes poured in for the young white man. He was seen as a hero for the cause. A man highlighting people’s desperation .

The press had glowing tributes to the young man. The media condemned the ANC government and the security guard that killed the man.

Streets were named after the young white man. Newborns were named after him. He was a hero. He took on the system, and in the system he lived, old black ladies and young children were as guilty as anyone else.

The press agreed, and gave glowing tributes to the young white man, who was executed on the streets by a private security guard. His killing was seen as a tragedy, and one more reason to justify such attacks by young white me on innocent black people

The ANC were called on to stop letting black people have so much influence. They were also called on to create a homeland for white people.

The ANC was blamed for the white man’s desperation. And the white man was mourned by all.

Following the wise suggestions of the international community and the United Nations, peace prevailed in the land

About the Author
Uri Marks lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with his wife and three children. He is an arm-chair Zionist and laid back Jew, and is very opinionated on both topics.