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Donald J Trump: Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Donald John Trump has always been a con-artist. The problem for America and those who have put their faith in him is that Donald John Trump has always been a con-artist. His life in business was long ago scrutinized as such. Falsely described as a “Cyrus the Great” by his followers and American evangelical pastors, Trump has always had a hard heart like Nebuchadnezzar and has always been vengeful and arrogant. Alas he drew in the mobs of angry Americans because from the beginning he told them what their ears itched to hear.

He celebrated violence and repeated endless falsehoods and slander. It has been absolutely bewildering to tell it to deaf ears for the past 5 years since he ran for president. It really showed me how the propaganda of the past can still be used today and how the masses were ready to swallow the Kool Aid. There were endless warning signs along the way and endless “I told you so” moments but still in a cult-like fashion, the masses forged their Trump-idol. He could do no wrong. And then, we stood aghast as his failure to show empathy or wisdom when dealing with COVID went on day after day with him stealing the limelight from those with the expertise to save lives.

The deaths of tens of thousands of lives are on his head for misinforming the public and encouraging in word and in action, recklessness when it came to implementing safety measures to prevent transmission of a disease that is now killing 4000 people daily. Now let’s move on to his constant inability to condemn violence until forced to by those around him and of course his failure as Commander in Chief to take the steps to uphold his oath of office and step in to prevent the violence from starting, continuing, and ending on January 6th, 2021.

It was Mike Pence who had to be the President that day and he did that with the dignity that the position deserves. But of course true to any cult created conspiracy theory, when someone acts in any opposition to the cult, they are thrown under the bus. Now Mike Pence himself has suffered the same fate as all who have challenged Donald Trump in his long life as a con-man and Nebuchadnezzar-type. He has suffered the same fate in Trump’s eyes and in the eyes of the Brown Shirt-like mob that Trump has created. Should we be surprised that the mob would turn on its own once they come to see and acknowledge that they erred? Not at all. Trump would be proud in his heart of hearts.

This is an “I told you so moment” but not one that has destroyed America. I said to friends four years ago, “either he will break the Constitution, or he will break himself on the Constitution.” Thankfully, before this false Cyrus the Great, Nebuchadnezzar had the chance to become a Fuhrer, the Constitution prevailed. Now be mindful of him and any others who come in sheep’s clothing but are wolves. This goes for your leaders and for the mob that would prop such leaders up as false-Messiahs.

About the Author
Chris Hamel is a professional tour guide from Western Canada who also moonlights as a research assistant for a well-known American author. Chris studied sociology/criminology/political science at the University of Victoria with a focus on topics such as corporate crime, anti-semitism, religion, human rights, and the long history of Palestine. He also believes in viewing life from different vantages.