Donald, the Confidence Man

Technology is built on a platform.

So is Donald.

The former a binary system.

The latter a confidence system.

Technology success relies on use by the masses.Donald’s success relies on confidence by the individual, himself.

Platforms are a foundation in life, literally and metaphysically.

The space shuttle has a platform, The Democratic and Republican Conventions have a platform, Universities give platform to prominent people that often create controversy.

Platforms are not simply a structure of wood or cement. They can emulate our thoughts and personalities.

Irrespective of who wins the Presidency, Hillary or Donald, it is he who has given new definition to the meaning of confidence changing it from a noun to a verb.

Confidence comes from the Latin confidentia, to trust, to have faith in oneself.

Max Weber posited that the greatest attribute a leader must possess is charisma.

Who would argue? Isn’t that what catapulted Obama to the presidency?

To beat Hillary.

Some criticize Donald Trump as exuding arrogant bombastic confidence.

Others laud him for displaying a confident assuring persona.

History judges unfavorably leaders who hesitate at key moments. Decisiveness is a hallmark of leaders all the more so in times of crisis.

Future mothers may say to their children you can grow up and be like the Donald.

Or Ivanka.

It may be a refrain to a child with low self-esteem. A new lecture on leadership strategy may be added at the Kennedy School of Government.

Or imagine imbuing confidence in soldiers at West Point military academy with a Trump grunt.

All leaders inherently possess confidence.

Critics and cynics too often confuse confidence with ego. Certainly there are many confident people who possess large egos. Just as there are many with large egos which mask their lack of confidence.

A false bravado.

And no doubt you know one or more people who are exceptionally humble yet quietly possess confidence and are mission driven.

Abe Lincoln for example.

Trump is changing Weber’s timeless definition of leadership to be henceforth characterized as Trump charisma.

Take a political party, put in one part charisma, add two parts confidence, a dash of the deBlasio playbook on invoking children in a media savvy campaign and you have a come from behind never in a million years contender.

Trump would rewrite Marlon Brando’s infamous words in Waterfront

(1954), “I could have been a contender”.

In Trump world there’s no, “I could have been.” There only is.

The confidence man.

About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York