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Donald Trump – Quintessential Victim of Baseless Hatred

“If the government is not honest, it can trump even the best efforts of those of us who work in the system.” [Brendan Sullivan, famed defense lawyer as reported in ‘Licensed to Lie ‘ By Sidney Powell ]

In Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s, “The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility”, we find an apt definition of the elusive and yet ever-present words, ‘baseless hatred’. He says, “In a phrase, “baseless hatred” is self-destructive hatred.” It is not without cause, but it is self-defeating. It is a state of mind in which people would prefer communal destruction rather than be proved wrong in their approach.

The root of ‘baseless hatred’, is arrogance, self-righteousness and the inability to see another side or another viewpoint.”

The Democrats’ actions directed against former president Donald Trump embrace baseless hatred in almost all of their actions towards him, as never before experienced by any prior president.

Victor Davis Hanson, historian, Hoover Institution and National Review fellow is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Writing in the Toronto Sun of August 11, 2022 on the FBI raid of Trump’s residence, he provides a detailed history of FBI misdemeanors. He singles out the Agency becoming a danger to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law.

He points to it dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Some points:

[1] In 2016 then FBI Director James Comey announced that candidate Hillary Clinton was guilty of destroying subpoenaed emails and yet she remains unpunished.

[2] The FBI’s highest officials now routinely mislead Congress. They have erased or altered court and subsequent evidence. They illegally leaked confidential material to the media. And they have lied under oath to federal investigators.

[3] Trump was impeached in 2020 ostensibly for delaying military aid to Ukraine by asking Ukrainian officials to investigate more fully the clearly corrupt Biden family.

[4] The FBI suppressed, for political purposes, information surrounding Hunter Biden’s missing laptop on the eve of the 2020 elections.

Dr. Hanson’s updated version appeared in The Epoch Times on August 18, 2022 and is titled, “Fill a Great Threat to Democracy.”

The GOP calls it “Weaponization of the GOP” after Trump’s MAR-A-LAGO raid by the FBI. The Democrats call it “Accountability”.

Fox News Marc Levin is known for his mastery of the Constitution and his knowledge of socialism and communism. Not least of all, his precise memory of key historical events.

He recalls the backlash faced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DNY after he threatened Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh about how they ruled on an abortion case in 2020.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price”, Schumer said at the time.” You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked Schumer calling his comments “inappropriate” and “dangerous.”

Levin asks, “Did they search his home, did they grab his texts, did they grab his emails?” He literally threatened two Supreme Court Justices. What about that?”

Yet another item from the past. “Hillary Clinton’s emails seem a lot more serious than the justification for the Trump raid.”

Levin claimed that the government’s search warrant of Trump’s home was an “unconstitutional” violation of the 4th Amendment, suggesting that Democrats were making multiple moves to ensure Republicans never retake power.

“They will do anything, they will go anywhere, they will search anything, they will clobber anybody to prevent [Trump] from running for President”, he said. He also added, Democrats will do anything to prevent Republicans from taking back control of Congress.

Why do they hate Trump to such a degree?

[a] His vulgarity, his unwillingness to walk away from a fight, his bluntness, his certainty that America is exceptional, his mistrust of intellectuals, his love of simple ideas that work, and his refusal to believe that men and women are interchangeable.

[b] Perhaps worst of all, he has no ideology, except getting the job done.

[c] It is clearly unconditional

We now await the opening of the affidavit on the saga of the MAR-A-LAGA raid. It is difficult to speculate on the outcome, despite the many available offerings. The fact that Trump welcomes a disclosure speaks volumes.

A reminder from Rabbi Berel Wein, as applicable to the US judiciary. The Torah contains the admonition, “You shall not do evil [perversity] in the exercise of justice [legislation, courts, police, government, etc.] The Torah here repeats one of its constant themes: Justice is served only by acting justly.

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Alex Rose was born in South Africa in 1935 and lived there until departing for the US in 1977 where he spent 26 years. He is an engineering consultant. For 18 years he was employed by Westinghouse until age 60 whereupon he became self-employed. He was also formerly on the Executive of Americans for a Safe Israel and a founding member of CAMERA, New York (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and today one of the largest media monitoring organizations concerned with accuracy and balanced reporting on Israel). In 2003 he and his wife made Aliyah to Israel and presently reside in Ashkelon.