Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Don’t be afraid

Who do you fear?

If you fear G-d, then you are not afraid of anyone else.

If you fear G-d, then you treasure the land of Israel, which G-d gave to the Jewish people, and you don’t fear Biden or Blinken or Sullivan or anyone else.

If you fear G-d, and you rely on Him to protect you, then you don’t give away any part of Israel.

If you have common sense, then you see clearly that giving Gaza away was not a good idea. And you don’t do it again.

Bibi, don’t be afraid of anyone but G-d. “Netzach Yisroel loi yeshaker” – the Eternal of Israel will not lie.

G-d tells us, that if we obey Him, He will protect us.

If we treasure the land that He gave us, then He will protect us.

And when others see that we are not afraid to stand up strong for our security, then they will give us weaponry.

Bibi, it’s time to continue the fight. It’s time to stand up proud with our Jewish pride, and our strong trust in our true Protector.

Bibi, it’s time to show the world Who is in charge.

And when we are strong, then when we tell the nations what needs to be done, they will listen.

You saw that happen till now, with our fight against Hamas. When you stood strong, Biden listened.

You were not afraid to declare clearly, that no matter what the world says, Israel will finish the war and eradicate Hamas.

Now too, as foreign pressure mounts, Israel must tell the United States and the world, that for security, Israel will stay in Gaza forever. And only Israel will rule Gaza.

And the world will listen.

And that is how to bring peace.

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