Don’t dream: Wake up from the nightmare

What’s your dream?

Some have a dream to “make it big”. Others are simply dreaming on having it a little better: a better life, better health, better income. Yet others are having real big dreams, wanting to change the world and getting rid of poverty forever.

All nice, beautiful dreams.

Except there is a big problem here.

A dream is something that is not real. It happens when are conscious mind is simply asleep, and when magical – but unrealistic – things happen. A dream is something that we can dream of but rarely can actually do.

And when we say “we dream of…” we essentially say: the situation, as is, is bad. We *dream* of making it better.

Recently I learned a beautiful talk by the Rebbe who put it in a very different light. Here is the idea (in my own words):

The world is actually good. It’s beautiful. It was created by G-d, the ultimate beauty and the source of the ultimate good.

But what we live is a dream, or rather a nightmare?

The ugliness, the pain, the suffering – all of those are the unnatural state of the world.

A nightmare is a bad dream. When we see scary visions, we are petrified because all of it looks so real and vivid.

But it’s only a dream.

And what we need to do is to wake up.

Wake up our consciousness to our own beauty; to view ourselves and to live as the holy, divine people that we are.

Wake up our minds to the beauty in others, to view them as the divine creations that they are.

Wake up our souls to see the beauty in the world, with its quintillion (it’s a real word, Google it) beings.

When each one of us wakes up from our own bad dream, we will be collectively waking up from our bad dream. Then we will finally resume our natural state: a world where harmony will reign and pain and suffering will disappear forever.

May it happen very soon.

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Rabbi Mendy Kaminker is the Chabad Rabbi of Hackensack, and an editorial member of
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